Anyone take the 'Survey'? Interesting questions.

Aloha guys.

Find it here:

Wonder what info they are after?

Well I took the survey. If it is as mentioned, is it likely they are gearing up for a stronger introduction to the market for computer music makers ? This I something I am not. If it isn’t physically played, it typically won’t be something I use. It asks if time learning the technical portions of the sequencer detract from your musical advancement

Interesting question.

In my case I learned just enough sequencing/MIDI to emulate what I was
doing in a typical 24 track studio.

Once that was accomplished (the learning curve was very steep and I play MIDI guitar) I had no
interest in seeing what a sequencer could do beyond my experience.

Taking orchestration at university and after many many years ‘on the road’
I knew what I wanted to hear, so I did just that.
The sequencer was/is just a tool to help me accomplish that purpose.

My daughter on the other hand sees the 'puter itself as a musical instrument
and makes music far beyond what I had ever imagined by just ‘playing’ the features of the DAW.

interesting approach. And some of the stuff is not to shabby. Even to my old-ass ears. :slight_smile:

I took the survey, some of these questions were interesting. Unfortunately much of the functionality they ask about (Chord track etc) I haven’t had the chance to try yet so my contributions may not be very valuable.

Interesting. When the electric guitar (and amp) was invented it was just a way to make the guitar louder, right? :mrgreen: “Playing the features of the DAW” reminds me of all those guitarist bods I met with cake tins full of wires and boards with switches on way back when an amp was something to weigh you down on the way into a gig. Later the cake tins turned into many of the guitar FX you often see today when they’d sorted out what sounded like a musical distortion instead of a fly in a bottle. They made money and we ate some humble pie sometimes for kicking their tin around.

Thanks for informing people about the survey.

It took me about 30 x mins to complete though a lot of it did not really apply to me as I do not use all the many application functions listed. Though I have used a few sequencers in the past (Korg M1, Yamaha QY20) and I am still learning Cubase.

It was interesting in that answering the questions (verbatim) really made me think and become more aware about my current compositional process.

I just completed it also! It’s differrent from the one they sent by email recently.

Here too… bit of a phishing trip :laughing: :wink: but interesting.

If you can win free gear, why not!

Yes, edumckate the edumckators! :laughing:

I didn’t take the survey :blush:

Me as well. Never tried the Chord Track, nor the ‘Warp’ deal yet, among other things.

I took the survey not so much to win something, but to make some suggestions at the end to add to this DAW, which most surveys seem to offer.

One of the coolest, truest and insightful things I have read on this board,

Right on!
Here too!
May it never stop.

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