Anyone think I should load the "new" BCF2000 driver?

New setup here - just about to load things up and cross fingers start using this fine piece of equipment.

I’ll be using USB-MIDI, and I notice that between the time I bought the BCF2000 a few months ago and now the USB-MIDI driver listed on the Behringer site has been updated: to version ( ) from WIN32 version 1.0.10. The new one has “bug fixes and enhancements”:


USB MIDI DRIVER (V1.2.1.3) for BCF2000 & BCR2000 (94 KB)


BSOD removed when device was using USB-3 mode and > Logic > was started

Audio was distorted in case of > heavy midi traffic


in some early models of BCF2000 a switch from or to LC, BC or MC Mode causes the device to not work correctly if the user does not wait at least 7 seconds after switching off the device before switching it on again. A system message will now pop up saying : “The I/O device is configured incorrectly or the configuration parameters to the driver are incorrect.” In that case just click that box, switch off the BCF2000 wait for at least 7 seconds and switch it on again.

The DLL was removed.

Is anyone using this newer one? If not, do people think I should maybe use the older one instead, and only update the driver if I have any problems? Re: the bugfixes - I don’t use USB-3 or Logic; I don’t think my small projects would result in “heavy MIDI traffic”, though I do use a couple or three of VSTi’s at a time, and can be “heavy on the pedal” of my USB-MIDI connected hardware synth … so, I don’t know, maybe that could result in what would qualify as “heavy MIDI traffic”?

Thanks for any thoughts!

Loaded the old one … the new one seemed to have an inconsistency in the name (BCR). Things seem to work pretty well after a couple of hours of testing. Some stuff doesn’t seem quite consistent, but not major (the monitor button doesn’t always stay on when the rotary is pushed in pan mode, the orange “Hide XYZ Channels” can’t be turned off using the lower 8 buttons that access Mixer View Sets, can’t choose the type of Q in the EQ window without a mouse, the panners only seem to work well for stereo balance panner, can’t get MIDI sends to work quite yet, and a few other things).

All in all - doing OK so far. Seems like it will be some learning curve, but not too bad. Will have to focus on what the BCF2000 does that Cubase can’t do without a mouse - it is so cool to be able to adjust the controls of the plug-ins without a mouse!