Anyone think that logic onboard plugins are way better


For me, not even close to what Cubase offers. I just find that C7 is so much further ahead than Logic X in so many ways, including plugins. I also can’t live without VST3 anymore :wink:

Aloha L,

I must admit that when logic shipped @ $200.00 I jumped.
I had thoughts of being ‘all Mac all Apple all the time’.
Took me about a week or two of trying and that was it.
Not even close! Not only the plugs but try scoring with it. Ugh!
Back to Cubase/ProTools for me.


what do vst3’s do that 2.0 doesnt?? why is it better? logic seems to have better in the package plugins vs cubase. i havent used logic only seen it in use. to me the plugins juat seem more crisp and usable. they also dont look so cheap…but thats an apple thing i.guess.

Appearances can be deceptive, most of Cubase’s FX are fine. Having said that, I like Space Designer, and the plugs seem to have a lower cpu overhead than Cubase ones (on a Mac). The instruments are also good, and the loops provided are a useful resource. I don’t think Steinberg’s instruments have ever been very impressive. IMHO. Puts on hard hat and dives for cover. But actually using Logic, I don’t enjoy it.

logic compressor has a mix fader on it cubase doesnt…you have to set up a send for that. logics cheap little reverb has an envelope…so cool. bit crusher is way better than cubase it has a limiter in it…i use a 3rd party free plugin called bitcrusher 2 that does the job. what im saying is the on board plugins seem pretty under developed compared to logic. the new sidechain function in 7.5 is the shiznat!! everything else seems poop or consumes to.much

what’s this?

overall logic’s synths have a notoriously fatter sound to them… exs24 is a full featured sampler that comes bundled. lots of nice little plugins as has been mentioned; nice filter, bitcrusher; ultrabeat…

having said that, old myths die hard, and even if SB just introduced some top tier plugins, i am fairly sure the ‘logic is better equipped’ discourse would continue for a number of years.

Note Expression.

Because VST2 doesn’t do NE.

I would have a hard time going back to not having this feature.

Side Chain

Dynamic cpu processing.( when no audio goes thru the plug in, no cpu is required)

Not to my ears. I do find them to be a bit more ‘distorted’ tho’
which may sound ‘fatter’ to some ears.

This entire topic is such so subjective and really depends on
the style of music/persons involved etc etc.

For me I never know who or what is going to walk thru the door
so it is best to have (and learn) as much as possible to be prepared.

Clients have the last word.


I have been a longtime Logic user.
Eventually stepped over to Cubase 7.
Cause i started computer music with Cubase VST and Cubase has had always been in my heart.

I don’t find Logic’s factory plugins are substantially “better sounding” than Cubase ones.
Not at all IMHO.
Listen and fiddle with Prologue ; it just sounds very solid and you can do alot of soundtweaking with this synth.

And maybe offtopic but let’s take Cubase’s midi plugins : just awesome stuff and blowing away Logic.
Plus i am a big fan of the whole GUI of Cubase, it’s just fun to look at it ; logic’s gui makes me depressed :mrgreen:

Needless to say this is all just subjective shizzle. :smiley:


Aloha v, Robbie
not to hijack this thread but we are talking about comparing plugs/their uses etc.

I too loooooooove Prologue (and Mystic and Spector) but I cannot seem to get it (them) to be consistent.

I just can’t count on them to be reliable project to project.

Seems to work for you. Any tips?

TIA {’-’}

I’m very impressed with prologue. It’s the first instrument that I actually want to use. Sort of getting into prologue now. Seems kinda of cool.

As already mentioned, VST expression (which is amazing IMO). And if you are a VEPro user, allows you to load multiple instruments within all 16 channel strips of a single instance. With Logic X, you are limited to 16 which is a big downfall on Apple’s part.

Since no one else have mentioned the greener grass on the other side, I feel obliged to do so. :wink: