Anyone tried AtlasOS with Cubase 12?

Just wondering if anyone has tried AtlasOS? I can’t include a link but just Google it.

It runs a series of scripts that is intended to streamline Windows 10 for snappier performance and lower latency, primarily aimed at gaming. A Windows 11 version is on its way.

It certainly seems like it could improve performance and reduce latency in Cubase. The only question is if it cuts out and slims down processes too much. I know for me just making exceptions for the Cubase folder and sample library folders in Defender improves performance quite a bit and Atlas can disable Defender completely (which I realize can be risky if you use the computer for anything else other than exclusively a DAW).

I’ve taken a look at it, and tbh, I wouldn’t do it. Seems like a lot of work and several risks for what might be limited gains for audio.
Some risks I see:
At the moment it disables any malware detection/prevention and Windows updates, so this should better be an offline system (at least no browsing/reading mail). They plan to change that in future editions though due to the security concerns.
Then they remove Edge/Webview. Cubase 12 uses the Webview component for the hub, so there’s a high likelihood it will just crash.

It seems like something for people who really know what they are doing.
For anyone else, I recommend Pete Brown’s blog about DAW building and tuning:

Thank you. Everything you pointed out makes good sense. I’ll keep an eye on it and see how it develops. I’ve often thought how great it would be if there was a modified OS for real time applications as Windows is not optimized for real time functions.

Hello! I’m about to make a clean install and to change a few components of my Windows PC. I’m thinking about taking the AtlasOS road. It seems there have been some developments and improvements since the last post on this thread. Is anyone using it for music production and would be willing to share their thoughts and their experience with it? :nerd_face: