Anyone tried Nektar Panorama under midi-remote?

I’m asking because I bought and returned a P1 about 3 years ago. I didn’t think it worked well with cubase. I liked the way it was layed out though. I’m thinking of trying it again but wondered what your experience is.

Thanks for your help.

I’ve got the P6 and upgraded largely based on this new midi-remote function. Unfortunately there are no scripts for the Panorama and my attempts at mapping controls have not been successful, yet.

Hi, just curious if youve messed around more with the midi remote and the P6 since this post?

Panorama’s are great as ‘dumb’ controllers if you load a standard MIDI template up, you can map everything via the MIDI Remote assistant as any other controller.

You just lose the screen feedback and deep integration that the Nektar standard install offers, of course.

I am tempted to see how hard it is to get that screen working with the new MIDI Remote API though. Trouble is, with the new MIDI Remote you can’t go all that deep with the plugins as you’re limited to the 8 focus quick controls, with no form of paging either - so could never be as good as the standard integration.

You should be able to get decent track/volume/pan/EQ/QC control with them though.

I’ve only been able to assign some pots to different controls in various instruments the same way I was able to in prior versions of Cubase. I’ve never had the plug and play experience that so many seem to have. I’ve even done the factory reset. Still MIDI remote assistant is unresponsive when trying to map different pots and faders.

I have not as I don’t own one. I was just wondering how well it works because I was considering getting one. Thanks for asking.

I tried it yesterday with my Panorama T6 and it worked fine. There was no preset configuration so I created my own, with the help of the youtube tutorial from the Cubase Website “New in 12 / MIDI Remote Integration”.
Two exceptions: Cubase did not recognize the “play”, “stop” rewind" etc buttons of the T6. So I used the pad buttons for the transportations commands. And Cubase did not recognize the 9th fader (it recognized it as first fader). But apart from that it worked very fine. In Cubase 11 or 10, I was not able to use my faders to control QCs in the correct way. So I’m very happy to update Cubase 12.

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I intalled the build in interface between Nektar T6 an cobase according to
“Setup & User Guide for Panorama T4-T6 with Cubase & Nektarine 2.5 - Win.pdf”. Since then the Cubase MIDI remote does not work anymore. I suspect the reason is that the T6 now controls the volume of the first 8 Cubase instruments via the faders, while other tasks are defined via MIDI remote. Both does not work at the same time.
I found a workaround: If you set the T6 to the factory settings (switch off T6, press “Browse” and “View” [= buttons below the display] simultaneously and switch on), then Cubase MIDI remote works again. Unfortunately, all personal settings of the T6 are deleted then and unfortunately you have to repeat this process every time you load a Cubase project. But then Cubase MIDI remote works again.

…to be honest I just installed the last “software/driver” avaiable for the P6 and the Integrationfiles on a new and clean Windows 11 Pro install and it works fine in Cubase 12…all screens on th P6 are avaiable and respond like they should do.

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Same here. Fresh install of 12, my P1 is working fine so far - can even use maps made in Nektarine (with a little copy/pasting), which is great.

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I couldn’t get the P1 to work natively so I used Midi Remote to create a template, as shown in the Midi Remote thread hidden by Steve.

I’m not sure to what you’re referring. Is this the script you mean?

Thanks Steve, I couldn’t find it. B)