Anyone use Magneto (console) on all channels?

I just got 7.5, and tried Magneto. Pretty subtle, not offensive. Can’t help but to wonder what the accumulation would sound like. Too bad there’s no modulation aspect, just something underneath to jig or offset each channel.

I have to say, it is pretty cool having that option right there. I have to check, but can you quickly bypass them at once?

Where is more smilies?

Aloha m,
I use it for basses, snares, toms, and guits.

But one time I did put it on everything (including the voxes and main outs)
and when ‘cranked’ I could get a nice ‘1976 Ampex 456 sound’. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Ha!

Like a bit of that old ‘Tommy Bolin’ sort of thang.

When used delicately this tool works well.

Good Luck!

The way to bypass them all at once is to put them all (and only them) in the same insert slot of all channels, and then, all channels selected in mixing console, shift+alt+click on plugin bypass button. I do that with Slate VCC, it works. Not super user-friendly, though))

But as things go, that’s still useful.
Thanks for offering it.

1976 eh? The year I was born. It’s probably going to sound good to me :smiley:

I just love that we can preserve an insert by using the strip! The gate is also nice in that aspect. Of course that is, if it’s something that you’re using to pre-treat the pure signal.

I like Satson in insert 1 so I can gang bypass, but those strip tools maybe should also have gang bypass.

Something else about Magneto (plugin). When I solo saturation I can see action via an analyzer, but I hear nada. Is that a bug? To be able to use it and solo the sat for effect would be fantastic.

Magneto II has surprised me. My expectation was this would be a gimmick but it isn’t at all.

I bring it in late usually. When the mix sounds more or less how I want it I use it on busses and maybe some individual tracks as well. Brings nice improvements in definition (= controlled distortion/overtones) quickly when not overdone. Don’t forget to play with its filters (a simple, but absolutely great feature).

Never tried it on all channels just because there was no case yet where I considered that as useful, but generally: why not? If it sounds like what you’re after…

As mentioned in cubase 7.5 promo video be careful when using it on all your tracks. Too much saturation could result in a cloudy feel :smiley: