Anyone used an SSL Nucleus with Nuendo?

Anyone here used or no of anyone who has used an SSL Nucleus with Nuendo? How was it, any REAL substance or just an over priced Mackie controller with an SSL badge?

Friend of mine is a proud new owner, but he’s on Cubase 8 and Pro-Tools. But the performance with Cubase 8 works well, if you can live with the limitations of the Mackie protocol. He didn’t run into any issues with C8 yet, I imagine it would be the same for Nuendo.
My opinion: Flip mode is really cool, I’d like that on my controller. The 16 faders and the overall layout of the controller are really sweet, faders, knobs and buttons are a treat to touch and manipulate, the preamps are pristine, and I love the monitoring section. Plus, you get Duende along side as well.
I’d say: no, it’s more than an overpriced Mackie Control. It’s driving the Bentley and not the Toyota. Both will get you there, but it’s your call…
I’m getting one as soon as I can afford it…

I love mine and would not exchange it for anything. I don’t really use the SSL mic pres but they are great. The attention to detail on everything is top notch, robust build, really positive faders and knobs, and when you get down into the more advanced operation features it really kicks solid butt. WAY better than my useless Avid pieces of effluent controllers - freakin’ eucon is a PoS. I highly recommend the Nucleus. I use it for all my DAWs, including Protools.

You get what you pay for. It is a little pricey for some but I have really enjoyed it for the last couple of years. The different layers are great as sometimes I have Nuendo 6.5 up on layer 1 and Pro Tools 10 or 11 on layer 2 and I can easily flip back and forth between the two. Great device very professional.

I’d like to pick some brains on the Nucleus, how it handles the show/hide features on the steinberg mix/console and more importantly how well the multi client Asio drivers work, that’s if any ones using it with bespoke DSP cards that have their own Asio drivers.

Any information and experiences would be really appreciated.

The console seems to sync exclusively with Mixer 1. Whatever I show or hide on that the Nucleus follows.
I did run into a small problem last week where I wanted to show 3 mixers on 3 different monitors but I wanted each mixer to show a different number of tracks eg. 1-16 on one mixer 17-32 on another etc. What I did was show all the tracks on Mixer 1 which the Nucleus would follow then I hid that mixer and configured Mixers 2, 3, and 4 to display what I wanted and that worked fine.

I did try controlling Nuendo on all 3 DAW layers of the Nucleus which would allow me to bank through 16 tracks at a time when I switched DAW layers but I lost functionality on other controls like sends etc. so that wasn’t a good idea.

I don’t have any experience with those ASIO drivers.

P.S. I don’t use the soundcard in Nucleus but I do use the external monitor function which allows me to have volume control over my second set of speakers. I’ve programmed 3 button on the Nucleus which allow me to switch my monitoring using Nuendo’s Control Room.

Thank you John, that’s an interesting insight, did you have any of the new VCA faders in that template? Can’t seem to find any info on word clock in the user guide, waiting to hear off SSL on that. What system do you have and what sound card? What’s your experience of creating templates for controlling third party plugins such as Waves etc?

Much appreciated.