Anyone used Novation Launchpad Control XL w/Cubasis on iPad?

I’m looking for any feedback on using the Novation Launchpad Control XL with Cubasis on iPad. If anyone is using it, or has used it, I’d appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

Hi Johne1,
I have a Novation Impulse 61 keyboard which I wanted to use with Cubasis but unfortunately the the faders and midi mappings on my Impulse would not talk to Cubasis…….until I launched a free app called Midi Wrench. Now everything that can be moved on my keyboard can control parameters in Cubasis using Midi Learn. Midi Wrench acts as an internal interface with zero latency. Just launch the app followed by Cubasis and there you go.
I hope this info can help in someway,

Hi Mike,
Thank you! That’s great information.
You’ve alleviated my pause to purchase the Novation Launch Control XL.

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Hi Mike,
I just installed MIDI Wrench, and to my surprise it listed an old digital piano I used to use and boxed up. I connected it’s MIDI controller by Bluetooth, so somewhere in my iPad that info is still being stored. Very interesting. Now to find a utility to reset my Bluetooth devices and clear all that old info from storage and working RAM.

I read on the net that the Novation Impulse did not support Cubasis Mapping, but I so wanted to get it, and after a lot of umming and are-ing I decided to bite the bullet and buy it……only to find the online write-up was correct - it wouldn’t work :sob:DOH!
Determined to find the answer to this problem I launched Midi Wrench to see what was going on and all of a sudden everything worked :confetti_ball::beers:. That was just by accident I found that out and that’s why I am sharing this information with you, you may help someone with this knowledge yourself one day :+1:

Absolutely I will share that info. The MIDI Wrench looks great. I’m guessing that the built-in settings can be mapped to any CC command or DAW control.

I saw how Dom was using his Studiologic XL controller and the Apple Trackpad in his Cubasis demos. He has quick, easy, and precise control of all the screen elements with that setup.

I have a Roland A-49 keyboard MIDI controller, which I’m getting back out to map to Cubasis. That, along with a Novation Launch Control XL and an Apple trackpad, I should be in good shape to experiment with Audiokit’s Synth One, the new Audiokit King of FM DX synth just released, and all the built-in goodies in Cubasis.

Thanks again, Mike!


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You’re very welcome.

YourA-49 is very similar to my Kawai Spectra 61, this was my main keyboard for a number of years, I now use my Novation Impulse due to it having aftertouch. That invisible D-Beam controller on your k’board looks interesting :thinking:

“ That invisible D-Beam controller on your k’board looks interesting ”

Yes, it is. A Roland Theremin of sorts, but it only works within a very close proximity, unlike a “real Theremin.” :wave:
It’s more of a toy for me at this point. I don’t think I’ve actually used it in any recordings. Guess I need to get more creative and unset in my ways. :sunglasses:

Hi @Johne1,
I was just writing a request about Launch Control XL, as I’m starting to use it with Cubasis, in conjuction with a LaunchKey mini mk3; I think it has to be studied deeply but I guess, and hope, it has a lot of possibilities, bot using it as a HUI device and with MIDI remote…
Let’s keep in touch!

I use IT with the iPad amongst many other thilys. it works a-charm that thing.

Hi @Johne1

Just reading through the topic again.

Did you try MIDI Learn to use your Novation Launchpad with Cubasis (see our tutorial below)?