Anyone using a Midex 8 with El Capitan?


So, is anyone using a Midex 8 successfully with OSX El Capitan? Would love to know if you are. If not, could anyone recommend me a Midi interface that has a minimum of 4 Midi Inputs and works brilliantly with Cubase and OSX.

Many thanks


My midex is eating dust for years now ;-(

I’m using two MoTu MIDI Express 128 units without problems for years.

Have a look:


Yeah thanks. I have actually been looking at this since realising the Midex 8 isn’t working with El Capitan. I’ve just moved over to Mac and although the drivers on the Steinberg site are Officially unsupported, they have been working brilliantly with Win 7, 8.1 and Win 10 Pro. Such a shame as it’s such a great unit. Why Steinberg don’t sell a new version of the Midex is beyond me. I need 4 inputs (5 would be perfect for what I currently use).

Is timing and latency (lack of) really good with the Motu Midi Express 128? Can’t really find any reviews on it with Cubase 8.5



I personally think Steinberg should update the drivers!!! And I’d be happy to pay £20 or so for the pleasure.


yeah I couldn’t agree more. It’s an amazing unit. Oh well, I need my Midi to work so I have just bought a Motu Midi Express 128. Shame to retire the Midex but if it isnt even officially supported then it’s probably for the best.

You guys should consider selling the Midex 8s to PC users if they are collecting dust. They are rock solid on Windows 7 64bit, the beta drivers on that platform work perfectly. Reportedly it is working on Windows 8 and 10 as well but I don’t have any personal experience with it on those OS. I have been looking for another Midex 8 and I don’t see them come up on ebay or locally. I expect there are others who would might be in the same position.

Anyone tried the Midex8 on Win10 64bit yet? Sorry for going off topic :slight_smile:

I’m using it on Win7x64 and, yep, it is rock solid. Seems more solid than it used to be on XP. But then nowadays I’m using way less external MIDI keyboards because of the quality of VSTi’s. Today I’d be using about 2 or 3 whereas pre VSTi I’d be using say 15 running all at once, with aftertouch, modulation and pitch-bend…


Yes. It works like a charm. I am only changing because I have gone to OSX and the Midex 8 isn’t supported now. If I wasn’t going to OSX I would still be using the Midex 8 and still loving it! Tried, tested and fully working with Win 7, Win 8.1 and Win 10 Pro. All 64bit. :wink: