Anyone using a Tape Stop/Re-start plug-in?

I - I’d like to have an effect such that the whole track slows down to either a stop or darn close to one, then more quickly re-starts up to full speed. I’d like to have control over the rapidity and duration of the tape speed changes.

Anyone know a plug-in that does that (I guess it would go on the master bus)? Hopefully pretty cheap, as I plan on having this be a one-off use … not make it my signature sonic effect! Pretty cheap, but good sounding … but of course, ha-ha!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Loopmash FX can do it, and I’ve fiddled with WokTapeStop… it works well too.


But u know, i wonder if we can route midi notes via controller to the master bus…

(For live triggers)

Thanks, NWMW!

I did try to use LMFX, but found it a little too inflexible - I want the slowdown to be of a duration different than the pre-programmed tempo-based one (not just 1/4, 1/2, etc.), and I couldn’t find how to get the start up to begin right at that point.

Have you used LMFX for this purpose … any suggestions?

Thanks again!

I’ve used this one a few times…

izotope vinyl may do wot you want. think you can control speed as well. and its free