Anyone using an NI Komplete Kontrol M32?

As in the title. I’ve just set mine up and I’m a little confused as it wont play my instrument tracks, even though Cubase is happily receiving the midi.

There are a couple of settings that don’t seem to match what NI’s instructional bumpf say they should. Would be interested in speaking to someone whose using one successfully.



What settings exactly doesn’t match, please?

Hi CombatPython,

I am using M32 here.
It seems to work as expected.

What does not work for you?
The Instrument Tracks you talk about have “All MIDI inputs” or the M32 as MIDI input?
The M32 is in enabled in the “All MIDI Inputs” List in the Studio Settings?


Hi guys.
I had a list of questions but it’s hard to ask the right ones because the integration changes each time I boot up cubase!

Originally it offered me two choices in the studio devices setup:
Komplete Kontrol Daw (which the manual says is for Macs, I’m on PC) and Komplete Kontrol M32 MIDI. The manual says it should be just Komplete Kontrol, an option I didn’t have.

Komplete Kontrol M32 MIDI did nothing but Komplete Kontrol Daw did give me some control over cubase with the knobs, transport and loop switches, although the two strips didn’t work. The midi meter on cubase showed input but it wouldn’t play instruments.

But now it wont do anything, the Komplete Kontrol Daw has disappeared from the device list and M32 MIDI won’t do anything, the lights on the M32 don’t even come on. Tried different ports and re-install.
Also, I installed the full software package and ran it before using the keyboard as the manual suggests but in Cubase I don’t have any of the instruments or plug-ins that came with the M32. I’ve seen videos of them being selected in Cubase but I haven’t got them.

““The Instrument Tracks you talk about have “All MIDI inputs” or the M32 as MIDI input?””
““The M32 is in enabled in the “All MIDI Inputs” List in the Studio Settings?””

Doesn’t work with either Dirx and I’ve tried every setting in the Studio settings exhaustively and it’s still dead.

When you go to Studio Setup and click the “+” on devices what do you have in there? (related to the M32)
Also, what is showing in the little screen on the M32 when you are connected to Cubase?


when I open Cubase (no Project loaded) the little screen on the M32 shows:


Under StudioSetup, if I click the top left “+”, I get the list where also generic remotel is listed. (do you mean this list?)
There are two entries:
“Komplete Kontrol A/M series”
“Komplete Kontrol S-Series”

Under “devices”-remote control devices (or something like that, translating from german here…), there is already a device “Komplete Kontrol A/M series” added, using the Komplete Kontrol M DAW MIDI input and output for some DAW Controls (Playhead left/right, Loop etc…)

In the “MIDI”-area under devices, there are listed all my MIDI in and outputs, including
“Komplete Kontrol M DAW”
both visible, active and ticked for “all MIDI inputs”

If I have Cubase closed, the little screen on the M32 shows:
[MIDI SYMBOL]Template1
Midi mode

You say even the lights don’t come on, this sounds like no Cubase Issue anymore, can you try it on another Computer?

I am on PC, Cubase Elements 10.5 and Cubase pro 10 (Laptop) and Cubase pro 10 (same License) HP z420.

Hope I could help a little…

Thanks for your help. I have been messing about with it for a few days but its not behaving!
To get the loop and transport functions working I have to load 2 instances of Komplete Kontrol A/M series (the second one is just Komplete Kontrol A/M series 2).
If I have only 1 instance then nothing works.
But the knobs and steps still don’t work and more importantly no midi control of the instruments.

I have copied exactly the settings you were kind enough to list, doesn’t have any effect.

I can swap the M32 with my Keystation 49 (not changing any settings, just unplugging the USB lead from the M32 and plugging it in to the Keystation) and I immediately have control of the instruments from the keyboard.

It just doesn’t want to work!
I have fiddled with it for hours and I am now burnt out with it.

I have just ordered a powerful new PC so I will try it with that. If that fails I will buy a Nektar Panorama P4, this seems to be a controller designed specifically for Cubase.

Someone here are using the m32 with cubase 12? Transports controls works for you guys?