Anyone using an SSL Nucleus with Cubase?

I am thinking about getting one and wanted to know well it works with Cubase/Nuendo.
from Page 21

Documentation is located here:

So, I would think if you had more questions, the manual would be the first place I would go. You may find a deal breaker in something that you read and decide to go another direction.

Good Luck

As a FYI, Doing some reading in the manual, it uses a MCU layer for cubase and nuendo. My mixers (Mackie MCU and Extenders) use that and it works well for everything except plugin automation.

Thanks Woodcrest.
Yes I read manuals of potential software and hardware before I buy.
But of course asking questions in the hardware forum is good to get real user feedback.
I mean the manuals always explain potential, but users will generally report the best things about it and the worst.
The appeal to the Nucleus is the SSL plugins and mic pre’s, but is it worth the money if the control side is not that great.

Cool. I didn’t know if you had seen the manuals or not. :sunglasses:

I was drooling over the Nucleus last weekend. Looks like a sweet controller. If you get one, I’d love to know how you made out with it.

Just out of curiousity, were you planning on using the sound card functionality too? I would be interested in how good the soundcard drivers were, latency, etc…

Actually, one of the things I don’t like about it is that it is a USB audio interface. I have not had very good experiences with those.
I was hoping someone that had used it with Cubase would chime in and convince me otherwise. Maybe the functionality of the controller surpasses the drawback of a USB audio interface??

The Nucleus looks very pro and solid, a pretty capable controller from SSL, and comes with a high-price tag. I’m still thinking about it, and waiting to see what other options shows up this coming Winter NAMM 2011 show. I’m badly need a quality control surface for my project studio.

Now… If only Steinberg would offer something of this caliber, that would offer high-quality, and features, at a better price point, and plug-and-play type of set-up and integration with Cubase/Nuendo , after all, Yamaha/Steinberg have been plugging the (Total Integration) concept. So far not a complete system, it is missing a very essential component, namely : A (PRO CONTROL SURFACE !) I will surely go for it if it existed.

Too bad they have nothing that I can compare to the Nucleus at this time. Oh well… Maybe one of these days they will surprise us :open_mouth:

You mean like Houston? :open_mouth:

‘Houston’ is an old, and discontinued product.

imho. Steinberg needs to offer a (NEW) Pro-Controller. So far they don’t have anything to offer.

I agree, although the CC121 has some good stuff on it, it is limited. If you expand on that and offer something in the $1500 range customized to Cubase but also has user programability like Euphonix, that would be something.