Anyone using an X Touch?

I read online that it integrates quite well.

Are you using RTP Midi to connect?

I use an XR18 digital mixer, which the X Touch integrates natively with. I would connect to both Cubasis and XR18 through a single Ethernet connection, switching between the two on the X Touch itself.

Can anyone point out the downsides of Cubasis with the X Touch?


I’ve got an X Touch arriving here shortly.

I found a very detailed report of the integration of the X Touch and Cubasis, which isn’t complete but still quite solid. That was enough for me to give it a try. Besides, it robustly supports my XR18 mixer.

I will report back here what I experience.

My X Touch arrived today.

After a relatively short period of configuration, I got it to control my XR18 digital mixer flawlessly over Ethernet.

Given the complexity of my midi network, I found it simpler to connect to Cubasis over a Yamaha MD-BT01 adapter. With the X Touch in “MC” mode over Midi, I was able to use Cubasis’ “Host” Bluetooth function, then set the in and outbound channels for “Mackie” and see the control surface sync up.

The mixer level functionality is quite good, excepting track metering, which isn’t working.

I tried the EQ, and found the X Touch stuck in there, unable to return to track level functions. The EQ did work though.

I will continue to experiment.

Lars, can we expect more Mackie functionality? It seems you’re close to making this work with 3.3. It would greatly enhance Cubasis if we could use a control surface in the intended way with metering, not to mention some level of integration with plug-ins.

Another question for Lars:

Cubase supports RTP Midi. Will Cubasis?

Do you still enjoy your X Touch? Can you share that “report of integration” you mention? I’m interested how stable it works and which features are supported exactly.

I like it very much! On my XR18 mixer, it gives me almost complete control in a very convenient format.

It’s useful for Cubasis, but some features are not supported in 3.3. My key asks at this time are support for:

  1. Track meters
  2. Control over plug-in parameters (preferably not only Cubasis’ native ones but also others)

The track meters are a big deal. I’ll be looking at the settings of a compressor, and can’t tell if the track and the master channel are peaking. With meters functional on the control surface, I’ll save a lot of time.

Here’s the report on the integration that made me comfortable about ordering the X Touch (clearly indicating what is and what is not supported by Cubasis 3.3):
Cubasis 3.3 MIDI Hardware Mixer Experiences — Audiobus Forum

I worked out how to integrate it into Cubasis on the basis of those posts and a lot of poking around. Please see my other post on the “recipe” I followed of your interested.

It is a very nice piece of equipment and so far seems extremely reliable. To be fair, I only have it a little over a week, but based on what I’ve seen so far, it’s a terrific product.

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Well, I’ve ordered one myself now. I already have the XR18, so that makes it the smartest option, also compared to the Faderport 8. The latter has the better (smaller) size though but not the same XR18 support.

I look forward to comparing notes!

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After this weekend all I can say is I wish I had ordered an X Touch sooner. :slight_smile: Connecting and using it with Cubasis 3 is easy, provided one sets up both in and out Mackie protocol connections. It’s not too loud either. The LCD screens are convenient, though not the easiest to read at the angle I’m using it with, but very workable (and a must). Indeed the metering/VU led’s of the channels are not working (yet, I hope - looking at Steinberg), which is the largest ‘issue’ atm for me I think. The connection is very stable, I use it through USB (iPad > USB hub > X Touch / SL Mk3 / RK006 / XR18 / etc.)

Automation of volume works well, the only issue I sometimes have is with looping a part, the reverb tail of some tracks cuts in right before a fade in (after the first loop, which is always okay). But this has nothing to do with the X Touch.

It would be sweet if the LCD’s could pick up the Cubasis track color. It also would be great if the ‘pan’ knobs could be used for more functions (using the “Encoder Assign” buttons) like gain, however that would be channel strip terrain. So maybe Steinberg could implement its channel strip to work with Mackie MC compatible devices? Same for EQ? I mean, it’s probably too far fetched to make it third party FX AU’s compatible. But maybe create a simple ‘Mackie MC compatible’ channel strip with EQ? That would be superb to have. Touching the faders selects the channel, which is great.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to connect the XR18 (which is a Behringer rack mounted digital mixer and USB audio interface) simultaneously and make the X Touch switchable between Cubasis and ‘dawless’ on the fly (without rebooting it) with the press of a single button. I also use hardware synthesizers, so this is very convenient for me. The easiest way to get that done is connecting both DIN MIDI in and out of the X Touch with the DIN MIDI out and in of the XR18. Then switch off all highlighted MIDI setup stuff in XR18 Edit app, and setup X Touch (first) using MC over USB and secondly Xctl/MC over MIDI. And presto, you can control the XR18 and instantly switch to Cubasis control by pressing the SMPT/Beats button. An easy enough procedure, but not easy to figure out. One could have used the LAN-connection for this as well, but that means the XR18 can’t easily be reached over WiFi, unless you use a dedicated router setup, which is far less convenient than just using two DIN MIDI cables imho.

I have the USB 1/2 out of Cubasis (and iPad main audio out) run into audio output channels 1/2 on the XR18 mixing side. That way I can use iPad (and Cubasis) output the same way as if it was just another hardware synthesizer when running the X Touch/XR18 as a 'regular ’ mixer. You have to set channels 1/2 up as USB input with X Air Edit for that.

Also I had to upgrade the X Touch firmware, as it wouldn’t work with Cubasis without that at all. The X Touch came with 1.14 installed and I run 1.21 now. The firmware update over USB didn’t work for me so I had to do it over DIN MIDI, which worked.

Too bad Cubasis doesn’t use the same Solo and Mute button/led colors as the X Touch (or vice versa). But maybe Steinberg could make the colors for those buttons in the interface user switchable? I believe the Presonus Faderport 8 has the same ‘issue’. Mute is red, Solo is yellow, Select is green… seems Cubasis doesn’t follow that ‘standard’.

To finish this post, I have only a couple of remarks about the Behringer X Touch itself. I wish it was more compact, it’s quite large indeed. The Presonus Faderport 8 has a better footprint, but doesn’t have the master fader (you can use the jog wheel for that I believe, which is not as convenient), is more expensive, has an external power supply, has less track/channel buttons and knobs. The X Touch has an internal mains transformer, so that’s partly the reason why it is larger. If you have an XR18, the X Touch is a must anyway. I wish the wind/rewind, stop, play and record buttons were (sparingly) lit, as in the dark they are not that easy to see, unless activated. I wish the master fader had a VU meter as well. For it’s price (I paid €361, incl VAT and shipping) it’s a very good deal imho. Even if you do not have an XR18 to pair it with.

So in short, imho the X Touch is very recommended and I hope Steinberg will expand functionality a bit.

Enjoy the X Touch. It’s truly a great control surface!

It’s quite possible to connect to the XR18 via Ethernet and access it via WiFi. I am doing just that.

I’ve connected through USB to a hub and from there to my iPad for Cubasis.

My XR18 is connected to a small Ethernet hub, which is in turn connected to my home network and therefore my WiFi, or I connect the XR18 to a WiFi router for 5G.

In either case, the X Touch connects to the hub/router via an Ethernet cable.

Once the X Touch is booted up, it recognizes both connections, and I can toggle back and forth as desired.

I gave step by step instructions for configuring this in another post titled “X Touch + Cubasis AND XR18 Mixer (the recipe).”

Yeah, I know. It however means I have to run two extra cables from my setup (which is large but mobile on rollers) and I found that a bit cumbersome if instead I could wire it up locally with just two DIN MIDI cables. Suffice to say the X Touch has many ways to set it up, making it not the easiest device, but very flexible.

Now let’s hope Steinberg can give us our VU’s. Though I expect they have to sum the stereo channels for that readout. In XR18 mode we get separate VU’s for linked channels, as they take up two channels per stereo pair. For my situation I prefer having only one fader per stereo pair and I’ll be allright having a summed VU meter.