Anyone using any of AmpleSounds guitar VSTs with Cubase?

Is anyone using any of their VSTs in Cubase?
I was just wondering what the ramifications are, if any, of having to set a start time of to adjust for the latency.
Did this cause any problems further down the recording, mixing, etc. processes?

Bump. Is no one using any AmpleSound guitars with Cubase?

as a guitar player i use Amplitude and Guitar Rig externally from cubase, connect the guitar rig pedalboard and on your mac, then select this as audio board from guitar rig settings. Set the latency at 32buffer size, and record the sounds from the pedalboard to the audio board without latency as you will record from mic or another guitar source. Unfortunately Cubase have a big latency problems under OS X instead of Logic. This is my way to resolve this issue and works great.

Appreciate the reply ufoqbase,
but I was looking for anyone who had specific experience with using any AmpleSound VST guitars (acoustic or electric).

My interest has nothing to do with any latency issues within Cubase but has to do with the AmpleSound product itself.
The company says you need to set a track start time of -50.00 ms in order to avoid latency from their products.
This is a passage from their manual:

A picked guitar string takes time to produce the full note, so an offset time of more than 40ms is required to prevent the samples sounding like a piano…
Set the Track Delay parameter in the Ample Guitar audio track to -50ms for a realistic guitar sound…

Other guitar VSTs don’t seem to have this problem.

There is nothing wrong with Ample guitars, I use them too(AGM, AGF, ABP). Here is why:
In fact, all sample-based VST have this “problem”, try lay down some strings VST tracks, and you can hear the strings are late. Lots of real instruments have some sounds before the transient. Like a violin, the player start to bow, there is a bowing noise before the actual note. Or like a guitar, the pick hit the string, there is a pick noise, THEN, there comes the trainsient. The time between the pick noise and the transient is about 50ms. So if you want your tainsient on the beat, you should move your track 50ms ahead, which Ample VST does for you(by setting the Track Delay parameter in the Ample Guitar audio track to -50ms, and leave the delay time inside the VST to zero). “But people don’t record there guitars like that!” That’s because on a real instrument, the player hear the beat, then he/she will try to put the trainsient on the beat, so he/she will play a little bit ahead of the beat to do that. But in a VST, a midi note only tells the VST when to start a sample, and the sample start at the bow noise/pick noise, not the trainsient, so you have to set your track delay time to -50ms or so.

Got a late strings sound? Use a negative track delay time!
Got a late guitar sound? Use a negative track delay time!

I’m not quite sure I agree with your explanation. Not sayings it’s incorrect or anything, it’s just that it’s almost impossible to play with any kind of feel when the notes are sounding after you actually play them. I too am having a nice latency issue with AGM even though my Asio latency is under 4ms. I actually have been recording the parts with a piano sound and copy the track. It’s worth it to do this for me because Ample sounds so damn good!

Thanks, appreciate the info.

I have AGT.
There appear two of them in plugin manager: “AGT2” and “Ample Guitar T II”.
They seem to function the same, which one should I use?
“AGT2” is a VST 2.4 plugin and “Ample Guitar T II” VST 3.6.0

I use AGM2 because the VST3 version was not handling the pedal correctly.

Yes, I didn’t notice it till now, hold pedal is not functioning also in “Ample Guitar T II”.
It does in “AGT2”.
Is this a known bug by Amplesound?

I’m using AGM, AGF & AGL. No problems here.

Sure they may be a very slight delay, but it’s miniscule.
Doesn’t affect what I’m doing.
If so, there are ways to compensate for it, but I haven’t needed to do so.

Hai. I have same issue with you. I visited Ample Sound website, and I found this

There’s in section “4.6 Total Start Time (Original)”

Hope it will help you.

Hi Danny - just ordered the Ample Hellrazer guitar plug in. Should be here in about a week for Cubase 10 :wink: