Anyone using BCF2000 or other small mixer for output busses?

Hey All,

I am a film composer looking at purchasing a small mixer, initally as someting to control output busses. I like to have music, sound design, dialogue seperated in output busses (when/ if they are provided :stuck_out_tongue:) so that I can balance the elements when previewing the composition with the director. Also, when I export audio, I don’t have to worry about the other sounds being added by accident (which used to happen a lot, doh!). By having the mixer there, I wont have to reach for the mouse, and can control multiple channels at once.

Can the BCF2000 control output busses, and how does one set this up? Would this be using the mackie settings or some custom thing?

I suppose the other alternative is an external, audio-only mixer, but I am hoping to kill two birds with one stone by having the mixer as a DAW remote control. Any ideas?

The BCF 2000 is not a mixer. And yes, it can be configured to control thr Cubase output buses via “generic remote”

Thanks for the advice! Just got my BCF2000.

The issue with assigning faders via generic remote is that they can all be assigned how you want them to be, and then when you add a channel, they all move out of place by one channel! There must be something I’m missing here :S Please help!

P.S. Mackie emulation mode is cool. Would be nice to be able to switch to inputs/ outputs for fading!