Anyone using Cubase to control lights by DMX?

Any brand or model of USB / Midi / DMX interface??

I want to control some simple lights with MIDI commands
Any recommendation??

Thank you!!

I did it a few years ago.

I used LightKey software (Mac only) to set up the lights, and then then triggered the scenes via midi. This is a lot easier than trying actually run a light show from inside a DAW. I’m not particularly recommending LightKey, as I’m sure most other lighting SW will work just as well.

Main reason I picked LightKey is that its free up to 24 channels, so I could run the 4 lights I needed with that version. Pricing for more. channels was pretty fair - I just didn’t need it. They also had versions to run on older Mac’s which is handy of you want to run lights from a separate “spare” machine.

For outputs I used an ArtNet output. At the time I wrote my own Artnet Node as I needed something pretty specific, but I recently picked up a generic ArtNet->DMX node for about $70. Unless you’re completely tech averse, then ArtNet is probably the best option of interface, as everything supports it, and it makes cabling so much more flexible (eg you can run lights from a laptop/iPad in the audience over Wifi). My old USB-DMX interface is locked into a limited range of SW, which is great when its supported but a dead end when its not.


Thank you very much for the information