Anyone using Dell UltraSharp 40 U4021QW or similar large wide monitor

I’m planning to upgrade my computer monitor to a large widescreen - anyone have any experience with the Anyone using Dell UltraSharp 40 U4021QW or similar large wide monitor, or any recommendations for others?

I’m using Cubase 11 and will upgrade at some point to 12. Windows 10 at the moment, and will upgrade at some point to Windows 11.


I thought about the question for a long time
I previously had a 32" QHD screen and a 27" FullHD
And I was mainly looking for visual comfort and a sufficiently large display.
After looking at different opinions or feedback on different forums as well as Youtube videos, my choice fell on a 4K TV in 50".
after looking at different opinions or feedback on different forums as well as Youtube videos, my choice fell on a 4K TV in 50".
And I really don’t regret it, it’s pure happiness.
Of course you need a sufficient distance for my case it’s about 1.20 or 1.25mt
And the screen you are talking about, which is curved, should provide total immersion, but it’s really interesting for video games.
What bothers me is not the width which allows a lot of data to be displayed horizontally but it’s the height.
I just saw that it was a 5K screen what is better than 4k.
but your screen has a height of 41.91cm without stand , mine has a height of 60cms.
I chose visual comfort because with age it does not get better.
After all depends on what you do in addition to working on cubase.
That said, it’s a high-end screen.
we take full eyes
For example:
Tips tv 4k
And a conversation about it on the VI Control forum
4k 43 50 or 55"

I had a Dell Ultrasharp 30" for years, loved it. (And of course the obligatory multi monitor setup of various types and sizes).

But recently have moved to a 55" 4K TV. Used at 100% Scaling and just over arm’s length away. Not regretted it at all. If you do go the TV route make sure it has gaming mode (i.e. low latency).

I am using the Dell S3221QS curved 4K monitor as my main monitor (to show the project window), and then have two additional Dell 27" 4K screens connected to show the mixer window, and a window with SuperVision (and Tonal Balance control).

I LOVE this setup, as it gives me a glance at my arrangement, my mix, and my master bus all at the same time.

I chose the 32" (rather than a larger) 4K monitor because I wanted to make sure the monitor doesn’t intrude into the line-of-sight to my studio monitors, to minimize audio reflections/diffraction.

The additional two 4K monitors are off to the side, again, out of the line-of-sight to my studio monitors for the same reason.

I recently purchased an LG 38WN95C-W. It is large but not too large. 3840 x 1600 Pixel, 1ms!
Cubase looks awesome on it. It has NVIDEA G-Sync, HDR 600 and works great on Mac and PC. It has Thunderbolt 3 ( also HDMI, Display Port) and you can split the screen into zones to access the windows very quickly.

Wide monitors, curved or not, usually don’t have a lot of vertical resolution/pixels, which I find quite valuable to have.
I would favor a large 16:9 or 16:10, 4k/5k monitor.

Got this one last year - highly recommend !
I love the included stand that takes near zero space on the desk and is so flexible!
When I want to check some tiny detail… I just pull it closer with 2 fingers.
I also turn it around and pull it closer to my keyboards when need to.
Can even raise it and incline a bit to read it standing up.
Yes, the 4k 32" screen is great… but the flexible ergo stand makes it irreplaceable to me.
Might or might not make sense for your setup, but worth your consideration.

I understand the value of low-latency for gaming, but why would you care for a Cubase workstation ?

Would you want your mouse and cursor lagging when using your DAW?

The threshold of human perception is about 100ms, so a screen with a refresh of 5ms or even 20ms is way beyond what anyone can detect visually.
The audio latency when signing into a microphone (for ex.), is a complete different story, but the video latency of a computer screen is not a concern.

I am talking about a TV. TVs that are built for TV & Movies have many features that add latency. It is essential that you can disable them. Game mode, (sometimes called Low Latency mode), does this.

(nb. I’m not new to this.) :rofl:

That’s the exact model I have but the 55".

I have been using 4k 40-inch monitors @ 80 cm for years. Works great, especially now that I have updated glasses.

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Thanks for all the input. It has however left me more unsure that before :slight_smile: … so many options/considerations.

Which is better - the TV route, or the monitor route - and what are the actual differences?
What kind of response time (ms) and response time (Hz) is needed for Cubase work?
If I want to watch movies aswell, is there something else I should consider?

If you don’t game, 60 Hz is fine. I’ve calibrated my monitor for photo-editing, though the colors on my my current LG were in fact pretty good straight from the factory. Latency is not an issue for DAW use or watching a movie.
TV’s have more electronics but are sometimes cheaper because of mass-production.