Anyone using Digitone with Overbridge on Cubase 10 elements?

Does anyone use Digitone with Cubase 10 elements via Overbridge?

I am not able to find any info about how do you configure it. As usual the only info is for ableton live; does anyone here have a digitone that want to share the setup process?

Seems like Ableton live is the weapon of choice on windows for hardware integration. Sadly Cubase elements is not viable for working with hardware and other midi devices, from what I can tell. No support even when you contact customer care, no tutorials, no videos, it is mostly on its own.

This is sad because I have been using it for ages, but now I look at Ableton live, Logic and Studio one, and see that they integrate with almost anything out there, and there is a ton of tutorials. Sadly I have no time to spend (yesterday spent the whole day to get this going), so I guess Cubase is not for me anymore.