Anyone using Dorico with a Microsoft Surface Book?

I’m planning on getting a Microsoft Surface Book 3 in the next few months and it’s going to be primarily for work purposes. I don’t want to just shoot for the highest spec option available, but I’m worried about accidentally low-balling it and spending a lot of money on a system that doesn’t run Dorico as well as I’ll need it to.

I checked the spec requirements for Dorico but they’re pretty vague to be honest, so it’s hard to be sure.

P.S. I’d appreciate hearing the same thoughts but about Cubase if anyone happens to have that too.

Well, conventional wisdom around these parts says cores are pretty important. A dual-core machine will struggle. You need to go with 4 cores (at least).

+1 about core usages.

And when people talk about Dorico using cores, they are talking about 2.6 ghz cores usually in most laptops. The best surface I saw is dual core 1.3 Ghz, So at best you’re talking about l/4 of the processing power that they are even at max spec…

Honestly? I’d be exactly worried about spending a lot of money on a system that doesn’t run Dorico as well as you need it to. For the price you could buy a Windows laptop with 6 cores (alienware even) that’ll run Dorico, make tea, and valet park your car.

You two, where are you finding specs for dual core Surface Book 3s? As far as I can tell from they’re all quad core.

The surface book is a laptop - ah, my bad. You are right and I was wrong either way though. It appears there are both dual and quad versions. Still a base speed of 1.3 on the surface surface.

Did you decide on this, NadimDotSquare? I have the same query and the thread above leaves me unsure whether the Surface Book (3) will be up to the task. Thanks in advance.