Anyone using MOTU M2 or M4?

anyone using MOTU M2 2x2 USB-C Audio Interface with cubase 10.x?
wanted to know if it’s stable and works well with cubase.

I’m using a M4 since four weeks on my Mac Mini with MacOS 14 and am very happy with it. Stable, low latency, sound quality is good enough for my bedroom studio. Oh, and: Cubase 10 here.

Yes. M4 user here for about 3 months now. Love it. Windows 10. Cubase Pro 10.5.20.

No stability issues at all for me. Note that it does not come with a USB-C to USB-C cable. It does come with a cable to go from the unit to a USB-A connector, which is how I use it. Bus power has been fine.

Latency is very good - but it has that knob to blend between the input signal and the playback for direct monitoring. I assumed that was just a “cute” feature but I’ve found it very handy. I can run the buffer at 64 samples for starting new projects but find that I need to move to 128 samples after a few things start getting added. I usually go to 1024 samples for the final mix. And there’s a “mysterious checkbox” in the driver window that says something about choosing the lowest safest latency. I’ve had that checked and assume it’s something dynamic. My PC is over 7 years old with an old i5 CPU.

Build quality and sound quality are excellent for home use. Highly recommended. I chose the M4 for it’s extra inputs. I do wish it had a second headphone output (but tracking with others hasn’t exactly been an issue lately!).

Thanks for the reply, sounds good! I ordered it from amazon, I am going to upgrade my 2i2 2nd gen, I want to use 2i2(which I never had any issues with) for my YouTube computer … and wanted to get newer interface for my music PC.

That’s awesome, thanks…

I had to return my M2, headphone Volume Knob would not attenuate the amplitude, be it from DAW or Windows? too bad I liked the unit…