Anyone using Nectar Panorama T4 or T6 (not the P series), especially to control Cubase?

I’m looking at this unit … any one using it share some thoughts please? It is advertised as having Cubase controls premapped …

Thank you!

Hi… I have P4. It is pretty good. Please note that there are certain issues, one of which is It does not scroll through Halion 7 patches. It used to work with Cubase 11 but stopped in Cubase 12. I contacted Nektar about this several months ago and still no fix.

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I’ve used the T4, as above the integration isn’t so good with Cubase 12 and there’s more reliance on the Nektarine wrapper than with the P range (which is more transparent).

I presume that with Nektar’s new hardware incoming (Not keys) there will be some Cubase updates later in the year? But beyond that I don’t really know… I’d be a little apprehensive to buy right now personally.

The new Arturia Essentials Mk3 looks like it’s got a custom script for Cubase 12 though, may be worth a consideration too, sadly the only video I’ve seen is in Polish (I think), but it gives you an idea:

Has the pads, faders, knobs, and displays parameters - and pretty good price (imo).