Anyone using RME Babyface Pro - setup question

I just started using RME Babyface Pro with Cubase 8.5. I have a newby question re the setup. I am using only in-the-box virtual instruments, soft synths, and samples. I don’t want to use any of the DSP of the Babyface, just all the mixing and FX from inside Cubase.

  1. Is it as simple as just turning the Babyface ON - or is there something I should do especially with the settings? The only thing I did was turn OFF the EQ in the Babyface.

  2. When a project in Cubase is playing back, I see sound coming in on the AN 1/2. Fader there is at 0db. The main output is at -10. Does it matter what the Main output is in terms of sound quality of what I process in Cubase, or is it just the monitoting level and can I keep that at whatever level I want without affecting audio quality, eg when rendering in Cubase?

Well, you should set up your preferred routing in totalmix, and to be safe with the DSP you might want to check the settings

Totalmix output is after Cubase, so it´s only for monitoring