Anyone using the Roland FA-06 or FA-08 with Cubase?

I am re-arranging my workspace to make room for a 61-key controller, and I’ve narrowed my choice down to the Yamaha MOXF6 and the Roland FA-06.

If I had infinite deskspace, I’d probably go with the Yamaha due to its really deep-seeming Cubase integration, but the thing would literally occupy all usable space on my desk. The FA-06 is only slightly smaller (same width but 2 inches shorter in depth), but would at least give me a little wiggle room on the desk when I needed it.

So I’m wondering- in practice, how are the Roland FA-06/08 workstations as a Cubase DAW controller? Is the performance acceptable? Do they have the features you need?

I do wish the Rolands had more assignable controls (like the A-800 PRO), but I wanted to have something capable of making sounds for times when I don’t feel like powering on my interface and firing up the DAW in order to sketch out a song idea.


Following up to answer my own questions…

I did end up choosing the FA-06 over the Yamaha MOXF6- and after a couple of months of actively using it, I’ve done a write-up that talks about how to set up the DAW control in Cubase (the documentation leaves out some steps), and also discusses how this particular keyboard has helped me in the studio. I never thought I’d ever buy a workstation keyboard (since I do all my sequencing in DAWs) but this thing really has everything I needed in a MIDI controller. Just wish those pads worked more like MPC drum pads.