Anyone using UR28M with external Preamp?

Hey all,

I’m looking at stepping things up in my home studio and I’ve come across the oppurtunity to buy an Aphex 207D preamp.

I would connect this to the UR28M using the s/pdif input, therefore bypassing the internal preamp/ad converter.

My question is whether anyone else is using an external preamp, and has seen any beneficial results?

I know everyone raves about the UR28M’s internal preamp (which I’m happy with), but curious about whether or not I will see enhanced results with the 207D.

Any input appreciated.

Thanks, Joe.

Yes the built in pres are rather good, I like a bit more visual feedback and big knobs to twist as wel as the option of tubes and greater headroom.

So I have an ART MPA GOLD next to my UR 28M connected to channels 3 and 4.

sounds really good. and nice to have bigger knobs (input and output and impedence) and bigger meters.

Thanks for the reply.

How do you find the audio differences between built in vs external pre’s?

What mic are you using?


I run a Grace Design m101 mic pre into the Steinberg UR28M input 3 (m101 is single channel). I find this works quite well. I believe the inputs 3 & 4 on the UR28M bypass any “gain” electronics within the unit and fly direct to A/D conversion.
However, I still have issues totally understanding the internal Hardware mix/routing GUI within the UR28M (DSPMixFX).
I’d like to know concretely if I’m totally bypassing the internal mixing within the unit, as I prefer to handle that aspect within Cubase (C7.5).
Any ideas how to prove this out?