Anyone willing to help a Cubase damsel in distress?!:)

Hi everyone… I’m basically trying to teach myself cubase and. Recording by myself using online resources. I feel stupid but not willing to accept defeat! I have a Akai mini Ii controller and trying to assign chord track chords to the pads on the controller. I cannot work out how to do it… I’ve searched YouTube videos and online and can’t work it out. I’m able to play 1 or 2 of the set chords on my controller but the rest just play single notes or nothing at all. I would so appreciate anyone willing to help!! Btw I have cubase artist 8.5.

Hi and welcome,

If you want to play the chords you already have in the Chord Track, you can simply drag-and-drop the Chord from the Chord track to the Pad, you want to assign to.

If you cannot hear any sound, it means, you are playing a Notes, which are in the Range of expected Chord(s). Even if the Pad is empty, it doesn’t send the MIDI Note thru.

If you can hear a single Note, it means you are playing Out of the Chord Range.

To set the Range, where you would like to assign the Chords, use Chord Pads Settings, which is in the Chord Pad area, the most top (if I remember) button on the left side.