Anyone with KONTROL Controller Finding Buttons Not Working Well Anymore?

I recently got a Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2 to use with Cubase 10.
Everything in terms of DAW integration was fine up until this week I’d say.
Now the PLAY/REC/STOP and METRO buttons seem to be hit or miss.
The most obvious one not working well anymore is the METRO one. If I click it from stopped position, it moves playhead to the last start position (which the Stop button also does). And more blatantly obvious of malfunction is the fact that clicking METRO will toggle the enabled status of the metronome icon inside Cubase but not actually toggle back on the audio!!!

I’m kinda hoping someone else is experiencing this so that we can report a bug :frowning:


What happened in the last few days? Any Cubase or NI Kontrol (or Windows) update?

KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series Keyboard Is Not Recognized after Updating Windows 10

edit: Just realized that you already have started your own thread over at NI.

This article mentions specifically MK1 controllers, not the recent make.
However, they did respond over at NI to my thread there and are saying there’s an issue under investigation with latest SOFTWARE update 2.1 of Komplete Kontrol. Though I doubt this has anything to do with my issue since I am referring to DAW integration which happens without any instance of KK running.

For information purposes only, I’m adding this here in case it might help someone else…

It SEEMS like the problem only happens when I’m doing a Cubase session AFTER the PC was put to sleep.
Cubase had been shut down, the S88 controller had been shut down. So nothing “abrupt” in cutting the connection when going to sleep… but I have to say it seems like the problem is only there after there’s been a “sleep” session.

Good if I know what to do to avoid having the issue. Bad if I now have to shutdown my PC every night.

Interesting behavior, nice to know these situations, I’m using the sleep feature from years and never faced something like this. Could it be a Windows 10 ‘hidden feature’ (aka, bug)?

It “could” be something in a recent Win 10 update I suppose. I’ve had the S88 since early January and I don’t recall anomalies like this…which I think I would have noticed.

You may want to check all USB hubs in Win device manager and make sure none have the power management setting turned on. Hibernation, sleep and these usb power settings can be changed at Win 10 updates without the user knowing. Used to happen a lot with my USB ports when I first got Win 10. It would play havoc with my usb devices. Happens less now, but I still check.

Thanks balinas!

That may be worth looking into…
I’ve uploaded a screenshot here of the controllers I have on my system.
Which ones should I be investigating more closely?
Also, would my firewire be here too? (audio interface)
USB Hubs That May Not Be Waking Up from Sleep Properly.jpg


I just want to link to this thread.

I would left click on the hubs especially. Opens up a window with a few different tabs. Some will have a tab with “Power management .” Click on each one of those you find. Uncheck the box allowing Win to turn off the USB port. Then hit enter.

Also I would disable fast boot/start up in Win10. As well as disabling hibernation/sleep. Both caused irregularities with my usb devices.

Thanks, all 3 Hubs had it enabled. Unchecked for now… but I do think that Win 10 updates tend to re-enable those.
Where do I go to disable fast boot/startup in Win10?

left click ‘start’, left click ‘settings’ icon, left click ‘System’, left click ‘Power and Sleep,’ Go down to ‘Related Settings’ and left click ‘Additional Power Settings,’ Make sure you are on ‘High Performance’ Plan, left click on ‘Choose What Power Buttons do,’ Click on ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable.’ this should show you the ‘Turn off fast Startup,’ ‘Sleep’ Hibernate buttons. Uncheck each of these.
Click save settings.
That should take you back one screen.
Left click ‘Choose when to turn off the display’
Then go to ‘change advanced power settings’

This will take you to a box with multiple headings and dropdowns.
Go down to USB settings. Put that on Disabled
Go to PCI express. Turn this off
Go to processor power management. Set min and max processor to 100%
I have my cooling policy set to "active,’ and definitely this slows the processor down if the temp goes too high, which it did when the CPU cooling fan was slowing down because of age! Definitely noticed drop outs, but it was protecting the system. I changed the CPU fan to a new one, and back to a much cooler CPU!

There are some other settings here, that you may just want to go through to see what’s there.
Perhaps others may have some different recommendations!
this at least takes you on a trip through Power setting land.

Hmm, interesting - I had set to High Performance a few days ago but going in today noticed it had reverted back to Balanced as the active mode.
So I re-activated it and hopefully it will stick this time. Most settings you mentioned I had already set.
Except for disabling fast start-up…

Hmmm, why would this help? I like my fast start-up on SSD :wink: resistant to disable this one!

As for unchecking Sleep and Hibernate - can it really hurt to have those options be available on the start menu?

BTW, Native Instruments got back to me. There have been alot of reports of the sleep mode doing wonky stuff to the DAW integration with Komplete since 2.1 and they are expecting a hotfix very soon. So it’s possible that I can go back to using sleep mode as I didn’t have such issues before and it seems to be temporarily problematic.

Good NI is working on a fix. Part of all this is just knowing where some of the options are and how the Win10 updates can change them. And most importantly how it works for your machine and setup. See which ones can work for what you want to be able to do.
SSD are great for fast startup on their own. I had read some where that Win10 fast startup played loose with some setups. And mine was affected.
Glad you are getting some answers from NI!

Now on to whether hyperthreading settings in BIOS will affect your performance! Just kidding. But I have seen recommendations both ways, on is better, off is better. For my machine right now, definitely seems hyperthreading on does better. But I probably will trial it again someday.

LOL - in my case hyperthreading is no longer a decision I have to make. I just switched from 3rd gen i7 to 9th gen, which no longer has the hyperthreading feature if I’m not mistaken.

Fix issued last night as Komplete Kontrol 2.1.1 BUT it did not resolve the issue.

Putting the PC to sleep as some point will break the DAW integration of the S series MK2.

Just had the same problem with the NI S88 drivers being knocked out by a WIN 10 update. When that happen, the S88 reverts to being a ‘dumb’ MIDI keyboard and looses all its advanced (hardware to software) mapping features. no amout of updating NI drivers will fix this.

…Check the following in “View Update History / Uninstal Updates”"…
If you can see Windows 10 ipdate (KB4487017), remove it. Once it was removed, my S88 drivers worked again - and all the buttons came back to life!

Since Microsoft has descended to a whole new level of aggression and spying on its users, I have had to employ some 3rd party software to stop my system from automatically re-installing updates. (Please note: With win10 home, no amount of system tweaks prevent the OS from forcing updates on you. I went deep into the Registry, Sceduled Tasks & Services, to no avail - the system just reverts back to its defaults.)

download - Windows Update Blocker v1.1 - from:

While your at it, download Easy Service Optimizer v1.2
This will manage your services and help with the windows bloatware problem

Another good utility to control all manner of windows functions (including updates) is Winaero Tweaker at…

To clean out much of the rubbish that came with the OS, go to this page and find out about the de-bloater script…
I have done this on my laptop and works well. I have yet to do it on my studio PC but am making a system image at the moment and fully expect to have it done tonight.

Finally, to block the 30 or so channels of telemetry which relay all your information back to MS, download - DoNotSpy10 - from…

My goal is to have Win10 stripped back to the bare essentials and have it function as a ‘dumb’, lightweight platform for Cubase without any of the spying features + most of the ‘junk’ removed. I have no complaints about the speed or the stability of the OS, it’s just a shame that MS have taken such an aggressive approach and foisted so much bloatware on people who are trying to run businesses and need the OS to just work!

It goes without saying that a system image backup SHOULD be made first. I have five different hard drives with images going back weeks. Before any serious modifications to the OS, I backup - and do nor rely on System Restore!

Now maybe I can get back to using my studio PC to just making music?

Thanks for sharing this with me Maha!
In my case, it only becomes “dumb” if the OS was put to sleep at some point before the session.
I have noted all your suggestions should I feel brave enough to go down that path! :wink:

Hi All!
I just missed this issue, with th Komplete Kontrol and the windows updating malarkey, but I still wonder if my query relates to this.

I’ve had my S61 mk2 for a couple of days only, and I thought that the “Browse” button would work inside Cubase as well (Cubase 10 Artist)?

Am I mistaken, is this a feature for Komplete kontrol Stand Alone only?

If it’s supposed to work what am I doing wrong?

I have done everything according to the manual, but to no avail.

Any of you good people know anything about this?

Much Appreciated, Jonas