Anything in Cubase like 3xOSC?

When I was using FL Studio it had a very simple little synth called 3xOSC that came stock with it. It was super simple and easy to use with just some oscillators and filters and envelopes so you could very easily cook up some nice phat synth-basslines from scratch with it in no time.

Is there any equivalent tool in Cubase that’s simple, easy to use, and lets you build synthbasses from scratch? Thanks in advance,.

Well, there is Retrologue (at least in CPro). Maybe not super simple, but since it comes with the classic Minimoog signal flow, creating bass sounds from scratch isn’t really complicated. Sounds rather good.


I use retrologue a lot. I usually filter on bass and then find something close to what I’m looking for and then edit it.

I think if you want really simple then look for 3rd party plugins as there are thousands of free ones for a simple synth. I prefer retrologue as it is very powerful and a great addition to Cubase. I’m not sure why they would add a cut down version when this exists.

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I think if you want really simple then look for 3rd party plugins as there are thousands of free ones for a simple synth.

Every minute I spend finding, auditioning or researching new plugins is a minute I’m not spending making music. One thing I’ve never understood about the DAW community (I’m also on VI-Control and Reddit) is how much time DAW users are happy to spend on tools - auditioning different versions of plugins and sample libraries and filters and hardware and fighting bugs in their DAW - instead of making music.

I tried out Retrologue since last night. It seems to have what I need and I made a simple synth-bass from scratch and saved it as a preset. But its complexity slows down my workflow and it just has PICTURES of ADSR curves instead real dynamic ones like 3xOSC. (what’s up with that?) And worse, it crashed, taking Cubase 11 Pro with it twice in two hours! I’ve had a lot of problems with Cubase but frequent crashes is not one of them and I’ve used Cubase for probably 14 of the last 24 hours with no other problems when Retrologue wasn’t running. When I looked out on the web there were lots of reports of random crashes in Retrologue, mostly loading and saving presets, which is what I was doing when it crashed.

That’s interesting. Have you reported the crash as they may be able to get a fix for it. You may have to go third party though if you are want something very specific. I go third party for drums, guitar and bass as there are much better vsti for this. Like sd3 for drums. I think the ones that come with Cubase are decent but not the cream of the crop so if you want more you have to diversify. The reason I look I do this is so I get the sound I want. Being a drummer I want the most authentic drum sound and I want to play it from my electronic drum kit. So getting sd3 is not wasting my time at all.

If you still have your fl studio license I would just load it as a vst in cubase and use 3x Osc itself.