Anything like Logic X’s compressor for Cubase ?

Is there any vst like Logic X’s compressor ?

(Logic X’s compressor let’s you set the settings and then switch between different compressor types, this is amazingly useful!)

Anyone ?

No unfortunately. That’s a great feature.

Thank you.
Yea I release more and more how great Logic X is

You’re welcome.

There are of course plugins in vst-format that can do that.

Can you please let me know which ones ?

Fabfilter Pro C (2) for example.

Thank you.

Any other ones ?

Waves Scheps Omni Channel

Was just about to mention that one – if you can get it for $29 (which is the current sale price as of this post), then I suggest you jump on it – at that price I think it’s one of the best values in a plugin I’ve seen in a long time, and of course it does a heck of a lot more than compress things. Each module is useful (some better than others), but the overall concept and execution make it one of the most usable and intuitive channel strips on the market IMO. At $29 sale price it’s a no brainer, unless you absolutely despise Waves, and in that case, just ignore this post. :smiley:

And BTW, quick other general comment on the OP – every DAW has some special plugin or feature buried in there somewhere. Some are very cool indeed. It’s very helpful that Logic’s compressor has the feature you mentioned. Steinberg has some nice features in other plugins, etc… but ultimately, I’ve migrated almost completely away from using built-in/bundled plugins… I’ve basically adapted due to very frustrating experiences over the years to become DAW- and platform-independent. Any DAW I use now (often depends on project) must be cross-platform, and I make sure to keep at least two DAWs installed (actually right now I have four installed co-existing nicely due to various projects going on). And every plugin I use must be compatible with all the DAWs. There are occasional exceptions when I am in a rush or get a little lazy (or for some rare technical reason), but in general I no longer touch Steinberg’s (or other DAW’s) bundled plugins so I know I can count on my third-party plugins in other DAWs if needed.

What about McDsp 6030 ?

out of McDsp 6030, waves scheps Omni, and FabFilter C2,

Which is closest to logic’s compressor? Or all in one 1176, VCa, la2a, 160, emulations in one ?


I can’t vouch for McDSP personally, but I know a lot of folks that love them. I just never jumped on the McDSP train since I’ve got others that I love and use daily. But I’m mainly just curious in this thread why you want to get something “closest” to logic’s compressor? I mean, it’s clearly got a lot of what you want, so A) why not stick with Logic? OR, B) if you are trying to transition away from Logic (which is also very understandable), then why not consider opening up to different workflows and adopting a new plugin approach? It’s a new year after all. :smiley:

In sort of an answer to your question – In terms of the plugins mentioned, I use FF Pro-C 2 every day, it’s almost indispensable, and Scheps Omni Channel has earned some love in many projects. They are both excellent tools. But if I had to live with just one of them from this group, it would be FF, which has awesome workmanlike flexibility day-in and day-out, although McDSP gives you all those colorful modules if that’s what you need/want. When I need color like that though, I reach for other dedicated emulations, but McDSP has earned a good reputation for theirs, so it’s a viable option for sure. And BTW I would never, ever go back to Logic. I got off the Logic train and have been quite happy without it. No way I will be locked into one platform and DAW again.

Like I mentioned, I use several DAWs, and finally succumbed to the fact that NO DAW is perfect… there will always be one that does something better than another, and I look at it as what is best for the project and client. Also mentioned that I’ve phased out almost all built-in plugins so I can stick with reliable third-party plugins across DAWs no matter what. Right now I enjoy pure songwriting more in Studio One 4, but for heavier lifting I use Cubase 10 and Nuendo 8, especially with surround requirements. When needed I will fire up Pro Tools (which I dislike, but it is an unfortunate requirement for some client projects). For creative exploration and when I want to challenge my normal workflows, I will fire up Bitwig. And less often I will still occasionally fire up Reaper for some dialog projects that benefit from its superior ripple editing modes. I have 4 DAWs on this main machine, all 6 on another. They all live surprisingly happily with each other on the same machine. I’ve phased out all other DAWs (which have included pretty much everything else on the market over the years, including Logic) and would love to get it down to 2 DAWs if I could. But I’m also resigned to the fact that probably won’t happen. :smiley: In a perfect world, the perfect DAW for me would be a combination of Nuendo + Studio One + Bitwig. It’s not a perfect world though.

In any case, I’m just wondering why the focus on Logic’s compressor? It’s good, but so are other plugins/approaches…

Why I love logic’s compressor so much is because
I can dial in a setting and than switch thru different compressor emulations while all the settings remain unchanged,
this way I can audition which emulation sounds most suitable,
pick that one, and than dial the sound slittle more.
This is extremely useful.

But other than this awesome compressor, drummer, and GUI look I dont like Logic much.

Klangheim MJUC

Waves Scheps Omni Channel have that exact workflow.

Yes, that’s very nice!

+1 on Waves Scheps Omni Channel