Anything to be aware when moving to a new computer

Hello Team,
Im a non-tech person and now a tech company is preparing/Building a new Windows PC for my studie. They will mirror my existing PC to the new on, but I can imagine ex the machinename is registered somewhere in Cubase.
Any recommendations what to prepare on the old PC before the move and startup process on the new one.

Thanks in advance for your support
Klaus Rysø

Can you please give some more details about the products and releases you have currently?

Cubase 13 PRO
A lot of Libraies and plug-ins

Cubase 13 Pro is using the Steinberg Licensing, so all you need to do is start the Activation Manager on your new machine and press the Activate button.

You can activate up to three computers, so you can keep the old computer still activated. If you want to get rid of the old machine open the Activation Manager on that PC and press the deactivate button, before deleting stuff on it.

Even if you have no access to the old machine anymore you can login to your Steinberg Profile and do the deactivation there later.

Thanks a million

Don’t forget to backup templates and presets from Cubase to move them to the new computer

If the new computer will be an image of the old one this is already there.