Anyway to calculate modulation controller matched to a tempo?

Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows a way to sync a modulation controller, from Key Editor Controllers to specific tempo divisions - 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 notes, etc.


Do you want to quantize CC?

I just want to have modulation playback in sync with the tempo. Modulation in the editor just gives me a number value which doesn’t infer any tempo definition.

Modulation wheel information is just a 7bit number from 0 to 127 that usually governs the synth’s depth of modulation and how the modulation is applied to the sound is defined in the synth, so you can’t control that from the sequencer.
If you want to match the speed of the modulation, you have to set it on the synth.
If it is conventional, LFO to pitch modulation and if the LFO has value in Hz, you can convert tempo value i.e. 1/2 1/8 and so on to frequency in Hz and set it as a value of the LFO. Just googled it and found a handy calculator here.

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