Anyway to loop and move to next track/

Hi, I am trying to figure out, if it is possible to record loop and then punch using a foot pedal to record on a new track

I would like to use this for jamming and just layering my sounds, kind of like a loop station.

I am sure there is a way to do this, just don’t know how.

So Basically, set up an 8 bar loop, record, then move to next track, record, and so on, all continuous,


Depends if you’re talking Audio or MIDI.

In the case of MIDI there are modes - selectable in the transport - that, in cycle mode, will loop back and either mute the previous take and record a new one or play the take and continue adding to it.

In the case of audio I don’t think there is way to have it play the previous take as you add to it. You have to stop and arm a new track.


As always when trying to remote control Cubase with an external contoller: generic remote…
And IIRC the CI interfaces might be able to do that with the “interactive recording” feature…

Cubase won’t allow you to create a new track while recording so you have to set up a number of audio tracks first and set up:

  • Audio Record Mode (on Transport bar): Keep History
  • Prefs > Editing > Project & MixConsole > Enable Record on Selected Audio Track

Set the first track up yourself (Record Enable and Monitor on), set record going and use the macro to switch recording to the next track. I just tried it, works fine. Sounds like you’ll need to pursue thinkingcap’s suggestion to get it on a footswitch, though. I don’t have the facilities so I’m on a KC but that will be enough for my purposes I suspect. A bit of a pause between layers isn’t going to break the flow.

Thanks for the prod, must get this saved as a template.


Edit: removed all the stuff about creating a macro to play the selected event as a loop because a command already exists: Transport - Loop Selection (Shift-G)