Anyway to print out a long drum map?

I’ve got a pretty long drum map (~116 entries) that I’d like to print out. It appears that Cubase won’t let me do that directly. Was wondering if any clever person on here has figured out a way to do this. I looked at editing the *.drm file but that seemed like more work than just transcribing the map by hand into a text file - ugh.

As a side-whine, I wish Steinberg would let us print anything and not just what they think we’d want to print.

Use a image clip program. Cut/Paste the image sections into a document and print that out.

Great idea, except it doesn’t work because of the dumb way Cubase handles some windows. When I activate the snipping tool, the drum map window disappears until Cubase becomes the active program again. It’s a catch-22 - when the drum map window is visible the snipping tool is not activated and when the snipping tool is activated the drum map window is not visible.

I use winsnap which lets me use a hotkey and use region mode. So, I pop up the editor, click the hotkey and I can get the focused window.

If you select the window you want to copy to clipboard and then hit alt + print screen on your keyboard, you copy just that window to the clipboard. Paste that in your favourite image editing program.
If the list is too big to fit your screen, I think you’ll have to use normal printscreen and work with some cut and paste.

Alt + print screen worked great. But the list was so long I had to do it in three sections and cut and paste - which was fine since it let me get rid of all the extraneous imagery too.