Anyway to Rename the Generic Remote name?

Hey guys,

Anyone ever attempted to find a way to rename the Generic Remote name to reflect the actual name of their controller?

I have several different MIDI controllers and I can save the map settings for each of them by exporting the information to an XML file which is great. So maybe I’m being a little picky but it sure would be nice to have a meaningful name attached to any remote that isn’t already listed as an option by name.

So instead of incrementing the number of the Generic Remote everytime I add another; be able to change the name to reflect the “name” of the controller instead of “Generic Remote 2”, “Generic Remote 3” and etc.

Possible or am I just dreaming of another potential feature that isn’t current available??? :cry:

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You’re dreaming! :wink: (sorry)

While it is true that we have only those generic names in the list, so long as you have actually renamed the Generic Remotes, at the bottom-right of the window, you’ll see its name (just above the “Rename” button) as soon as you click on a GRD in the list.

I’m unclear on what you just said. The only option to rename in the window I see is for the Banks of the Generic Remote, not the name of the Generic Remote and when I click on a GRD in the list I don’t see that name.

Can you provide a screenshot maybe of what you’re talking about? I’ve attached a screenshot of what I see and it doesn’t appear to be in line with what you’ve said.

In my screenshot the drop down list shows VST 17-32 which I can rename but if I were to drop down that list I’d also see VST 1-16 and VST 33-48 which I could rename but those are banks associated with the remote.
Device Setup Window.png
What am I missing or did you maybe misunderstand the question? :slight_smile:

… or maybe I was misunderstanding yours :wink:
Personally, I prefer to install several GRDs (often, each with just one or two slots employed), and I rename the primary bank of each of them to something meaningful. So, when I click on, say, “Generic Remote 6”, I immediately see, for example, “CC#64>Record Enable”. This allows me, also, to deactivate different functions individually, simply by setting the MIDI Input to “Not Connected”

Okay, I understand what you’re saying now and that makes sense. Guess I’ll just have to work with what is provided in terms of the given device name and I’m just dreaming as SteveInChicago already pointed out for anything more than that. No biggie…


This would be great to add this option to rename our devices. +1