Anyway to reverse polarity?

In logic and mainstage you can invert the sustain pedal. Is there anyway to do this in cubase?

It’s long time ago so I am not 100% sure if it worked, but I think I had done this once.
I remember I had used series of 3 transformers in MIDI inserts. 1st one to change CC64 value 0 to CCn (any unused number) value 0, 2nd one to change CC64 127 to 0 (invert), then 3rd one to change the CCn 0 to CCn 127 (invert and move back).
Then later I realized I could have used ‘Mirror’, so you perhaps need only 1 transformer which should look like;

Filter target
‘Type Is’ ‘Equal’ ‘Controller’
‘Value1’ ‘Equal’ ‘64’
Action Target
‘Value2’ ‘Mirror’
Function ‘Transform’

It has to be done for every MIDI track but in logic, I think you can do that in environment and that is global, iirc.


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