anyway to take effects off individual clips?

I have an individual clip (not a whole track) that I applied some compression to, and processed it. Is there anyway to remove that and have the clip go back to how it was originally recorded? I have already saved and closed the project.

Also, on a side note. Is there any way to copy and paste the effects from one clip to another? Again, i’m not talking about the insert effects on a whole track. I’m talking about the effects when you select a clip, then choose audio>plug ins>compression, etc… and then you can preview it, or process the effect on just that clip alone.


If you can save it as a preset then yes, but i’m not shure if there is a preset function available at that level
i pass the second question on to someone else.

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i WAS just playing with a way to do this - alternatively. One thing to try is duplicate your tracks and turn of the plugins there.

Yes there is! It is called “offline process history” (C6 ops manual p254)
This keeps a track of all the processing applied to the clip (from within Cubase) and allows you to remove any of the steps or go back and change parameters of any of the steps. It’s very powerful, but not many people seem to know about it.

Right click on the clip and select “Audio → Offline Process History” (why they didn’t put this on the “process” menu where folks can see it better is a mystery)

Wow, you old feck that is great advice!

I just noticed you replied to this thread, (for some reason i didn’t get an email notification) but thank you very much, that is helpful!