anyway to trigger a "recording light' ?

I know htis is probablty a stupid or futile question, but is there anyway to have Cubase trigger a “recording” like ?? I’m working out of my basement have have turned the walkin closet into a ‘sound booth’ I was just wondering if there was a way to have a light trigger.
I will be ruinning Cubase 6, M-Audio Pro-fire 2626, and Motu Midi express 128

Aloha f,

Great question. I have been wondering for years how to get Cubase do this.

Some kind of USB out to 110 volt a.c. to trigger an off/on status.
(different voltage I’m sure on other parts of the planet)

but this sounds tricky and maybe even a lil bit dangerous.

Probably have to do this from hardware (mixing board etc) not software.

Would be nice tho’

It’s been done. Can’t remember if youtube had something, but the old forum definately did.

get an engineer or even better train a parrot to push the button that would be cheeper, no pun intended, sorry thats no help.

If it would be wireless, it could have more interest…

I just ordered this:

They’re about $120 in the US, and only some people are having luck with the amber light - everybody seems to be getting the red light though (good enough for me)

We’ll see how it goes

I’ve got one of the punchlights, fit and forget, works flawlessley, and I have it running across several USB extension cables.
The only thing I’d like to improve is that the orange light can only be set up to work during play and not recording pre-roll.
The red light in record works fine.
Good build quality, and good brightness easy to fix, i’d say very good value

I agree with Viking - I got mine, installed it on the ceiling with a long USB cable, and it works flawlessly first time! I disabled the amber light since I only wanted it for preroll also - not for every time I’m playing a file. But the red light is nice and bright (adjustable) and reliably comes on whenever recording.

Once in a long while when I shut the computer off, the red light comes on (the computer is off!). Not a big worry but a little weird