Apogee UV22HR in Cubase 7.5


I jumped from Cubase 4 to Cubase 7.5.
I would like to used the Apogee UV22HR, but can’t find a way to add it post-fader. Can you explain, or point me to the right page or chapter in the manual?
Anyway is it correct to add this dithering plug-in as post-fader?

Some other questions about the UV22HR, to be sure not to make any mistakes:

  1. The “output bits” should be set to the bitrate of the final mixdown? I mean, if I will do a CD quality 16 bit master (and the Cubase project is 24 bit), then I shall select “16 bits”?
  2. What’s the difference between “hi” and “lo” dither level settings?


Among the Documentation included in your installation, there should be one entitled “Plug-in Reference”, have a look at it particularly in regard to the UR22HR.
In short, you add this to your output channel (track) on one of the last two insert slots (these last two are always post fader). The context menu (right click) will also offer you the ability to “Move to -” Pre or Post fader slot.

Can somebody please confirm this:
If my project is 24bit, and I want to mixdown to 16bit, the Apogee UV22HR must be set with “output bits 16”.

Another question: the Apogee UV22HR must be the last plug-in? The Cubase Maximizer should be inserted (post-fader) before the Apogee?


Yes. You set the dither to whatever you are going to mix down to. So if the final track will be in 16bit then yes you choose 16.

As stated before the last to slots are post fader so you don’t want a maximized on a post for mastering. Apogee should be the final plugin in the chain in one of the post fader slots.

Thanks. Can you also confirm that the Apogee dithering plug-in should be the very last plug-in in the project, and the Cubase Maximizer (or other limiters) should be inserted also post-fader but before the Apogee?

EDIT: Sorry I didn’t read well.
I’m not sure if I should put the Maximizer or other limiters also post-fader (before the Apogee UV22HR).

Everything before the dithering plugin. Don’t put any other plugins after the apogee or post fader. So limiters/maximizer should not be post fader.

Thanks for the responses guys, I’ve learned from them.

I have one more question to add:

Some limiters come with built-in dithering (usuallly UV22 as well) like the Waves Lx and LL series for instance.
Others, cubase built-in limiters for example, do not state to have a dithering mechanism.

So, would it be safe to suppose that, a limiter that does not explicitly expose a parameter for tweaking dithering setting, does not have any implicit dithering mechanism?
Simply put, should I use dithering always, when my limiter does not explicitly boast that capability?
If so, for instance the A.O.M Invisible Limiter does not dither as well, meaning one should use the VU22HR plugin after it.


Yep. Not all limiters have them. Limiters were not invented for mastering. They were used to increases the volume of the sounds without clipping, for radio and live gigs.
If your limiter doesn’t have a dither then add one.