Apollo Solo Interface Thunderbolt 3


I have the next problem, Dorico doesn’t get up to 192 kHz, only 96.000.

Maybe someone can help me.

Thank you very much.

I have an iMac 2017 4k 21.5 inch, if that information is needed.

Hi. I don’t know why you’d want 192kHz in Dorico… It would use four times the bandwidth of 48kHz, and it’s not an pro-audio production tool… I think Dr Paul Walmsley himself wrote that it was useless to go over 48kHz for a tool like Dorico. Do you use 192kHz libraries?


I use 192 kHz in Sibelius. I thought it was the better way of using an interface.

Well, actually, no. The best way to use the tools you need is to use them with the maximum efficiency. I don’t think putting an extra x4 load on the chips is a good idea to maximize efficiency, especially when the tools you use won’t give you any extra quality out of it. If you can use 48kHz on your card when you use Dorico, I advise you (as a fellow Dorico user) to, unless you have a very good reason not to :wink:

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I thought it affected the sound quality. I will check this, thanks for your time. Saludos from Chile.

It might make sense if you record your own sample material, but with Dorico or Sibelius you just play back sample libraries that other people recorded and if they only used 48kHz to create their libraries, then there is no point in playing back that material with any higher sample rate. It’s just a waste of cpu cycles.


That was my only doubt about switching to Dorico. Thank you to both.

And of course, welcome to the forum!

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Theoretically, 48k (or 44.1k) is more than enough to reproduce any sound at full quality, so I always stuck to that. But a very respected producer/engineer friend of mine is certain that 96k sounds better… and his music always sounds incredible in a way I couldn’t match. So I’ve been convinced.
However, nobody has been able to convince me that 192k has any advantage. I’ve also read some theoretical reasons why it might sound worse. And it’s much, much heavier on resources.
And like the others said, there’s no reason to use a higher quality than whatever your sample library was recorded at.
My 2 cents.