Apologies to the board for my earlier remarks.

Aloha guys,

This is not the place for personal remarks and I stepped
waaaay over the line. :neutral_face:

Please accept my humble apologies and regrets.
I am very very sorry. And it won’t happen again.


I don’t know the comments you refer to but you have always seemed like a nice and friendly member to me!

I am duly retroactively offended

you should be banned for life for not letting us see the comment you are commenting about . Im reporting you !!!

Me too :laughing: !


No-one knows what you said :stuck_out_tongue:.
Anyone can have a bad day, don’t worry about it. I hope you are allright :slight_smile:

+1… :unamused:

Would you please repeat it (whatever it was, I missed it), so I can know what won’t happen again? :wink:


Hey, you haven’t called anyone a “misanthrope writing / producing / mixing alone in the cellar” - you’re good! lol

so curteye the relentless hatemonger has finally reached levels of vitriol in his post that even he (despite his impenetrably thick skin) had to detect. I wonder what that could have been??? :open_mouth:

Aloha :smiley:

Gosh it’s all so “British”

“I say chaps, one’s etiquette was slightly below par this afternoon. One will offer one’s resignation in writing from the Raj Moustache Club forthwith. My inadvertent slurping of the game soup with quenelles of sautéed badger was most unacceptable.”

Just had a vst connect interview with curteye.


More like it! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Here is the curteye remix or something?

At last! Never thought, this day would come :wink:

The few different times on various forums that I’ve typed a retraction & a apology, I ever so conveniently ‘forgot to’ [more like ‘intentionally left out’] the ‘won’t happen again’ part. :laughing:

Didn’t want to come across like a hypocrate or anything that might make me look a bit ‘off’ - you know. :unamused:

Well, curteye, in contrary to the Church, I cannot see what you would need to apologize for. :wink:

You are alright, good chap!

Hear, hear, in a sort australian/british way, and throw another 'roo on the barbie, Blue :open_mouth: .

Mauri :wink: .

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.


But you can still say it nicely. :laughing:

Or with British class…

Hahaaa multi Hitch slap! :laughing: