App Data

Hi All,
I have moved C9 to a new computer and wanted to also migrate the C9 settings by moving the App Data.
I copied this from the obvious destination. C/User/Name/Appdata etc. When I went to apply it to the same area on the new computer, there is no such pathway. Well, it stops at /name/ and no app data follows. Any thoughts on this?
Thank in advance!


A thought…

Have you looked in the start menu under Steinberg? The location for the user settings data folder should be listed there.

Regards :sunglasses:

Hidden? Try this path in the Run dialog (Win+R): %AppData%\Steinberg\

I can never remember, but when I need to navigate there:

In any project, “File > Save as Template”. When the dialog opens, right click on the name of the template in the top of the dialog window. An option opens, “Find in Explorer”, and clicking that brings you to the App Data folder.

Sounds convoluted. Do you know about built in variables like %AppData%?

Open a Windows Explorer window type the name of the variable in the address bar, including the % sign at the start and end of the variable (such as %appdata%) and hit Enter.

So you can quickly nav to the Cubase prefs folder with %AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64\

Steve & alexis…

Just a question… is the “User Settings Data Folder” shortcut in the start menu that I mentioned in my post what is being discussed? Or is the “AppData” location something different?

If so, then it is pretty easy to just click that shortcut. :wink:

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Nah, it’s easy as pie :slight_smile:. Your way is the right way if one can remember the syntax of course, but if they can’t, getting there from the template is fool proof.

Mr. Prock, I think the answer is yes, putting you right in the preference folder … not at DAW though, so can’t confirm. Easy to check though!

Prock, Alexis, yes, same thing. I just like doing it the geeky way! :ugeek: Also it’s fewer keystrokes/clicks using the Windows Run dialog (Win+R)– and, it keeps a history, so the paths are a few arrow keystrokes away.

Also, just because is hasn’t been mentioned, you can turn off the “hide” function. In File Explorer, under the View menu, click Options, go to the View tab, and uncheck Don’t show Hidden Files, Folders or Drives.

Isn’t it also the case that the Cubase appdata folder doesn’t get created till you run the program for the first time?


That’s where it is and thank you! Just 2 clicks away.

I will look for that too, thanks!

That’s what I thought also but I had run the program since and saved a song. Thought after that, that I would have to actually change a preset setting for it to take.
I guess the next thing to look for is the hidden files function that Jaslan mentioned.

I’ll also keep this in mind, thanks!