App for Spectrum analysis and cubasis?

Hello everyone,

Now that cubasis offers 4band EQ, i was wondering if someone know about a ios app which can analyse the spectrum of my cubasis track.

For exemple, using cubasis in background and check the spectrum on another app. I have something called n-track lite, which include a spectrum analyser, but if I’m using both n-track with cubasis background, the signal analysed is only the ipad mic and not what is played by cubasis.

Sure i can use my ears to find the specfici spectrum of a piece played by aninstrument, but i’m kind of lazy…


What about something like Level.24:

You could presumably output from Cubasis using Audiobus?


Thanks Stevepcom, that’s looks exactly like what i’m looking for. You’re right, it’s written that the input could be audiobus so that should work. I’ll check this app soon

Spectral Eye Pro is free this weekend.

It presents the frequencies in a different but more musically useful format

Hi Surfer and thanks for this tip! this app is very interesting

they should add the frequencies scale in the spiral, it would have been usefull to set the eq. it’s free, so thanks again