App not working anymore after update


I have had music studio installed on an Ipod 6 for a couple of years now, but after the new update, the app doesn’t seem to respond anymore.
It will go through the loading screen and then show me keyboard, but I can’t actually click anything. Also, when I rotating the Ipod, the app rotates around its bottomright corner instead of its centre, completely rotating out of view, which I found funny at first but not anymore.

It might be important to note that I have not been able to update this Ipod to newer versions of ios, so it is stuck at ios 8.3.

As you can imagine, I have made quite a few tracks over the years which I would really like to keep. Is there any way to fix this problem, or at least extract the files on the app so I can download music studio onto another system?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Name_Left,

Which exact iOS device model do you have?

According to this website, none of the iPods is stuck at iOS 8.3, the 6th generation iPod Touch can even be updated to the most recent iOS 11.4:

I’m asking because an iOS update is likely to resolve the issue, if a restart (and quitting all apps) doesn’t help.

Music Studio Support

I am in the same position - minus the screen rotation stuff. Just updated to 2.1 and now Music Studio is unresponsive. Runs up, does its animation thing, opens a “tracks” window and is no longer touch responsive. I can drag down on the ipad calendar just fine, and drag up for the ipad dashboard just fine - but ‘music studio’ is unresponsive.

One interesting clue is that AudioBus “sources” can still control music studio (i.e. start and stop the loaded song). Note that I have subsequently uninstalled AudoBus thinking that might be the problem.

I have restarted the device and quit all apps.

IOS - 8.1.1 (and I do not want to upgrade)
RAM - 16GB (2GB free)
Model - mc979ll/a

What are my options? Minimum I would like to roll back to the previous version. I too have 5 or 6 years of music here and I don’t want to lose it.

A warning before updating if older iOS 9 device will not function would be nice.

Hello, sorry for the late reply.

After posting this question, I decided to try to force my ipod to update to IOS 9 by connecting it to my computer and updating via itunes. It took quite a bit of effort, but after doing this, the app started working again.

Thanks for the update.
We’re glad to hear that the app started working again.

Music Studio Support

Any ‘music studio support’ reply to my issue?

The app store currently states: “Requires iOS 8.0 or later.” This should probably be reevaluated.

The only solution is to update to iOS 9. By the way, Apple included important audio related bug fixes in iOS 9.3 that developers had been waiting for a long time, and with iOS 11.3 they fixed a few more. With iOS 6/7/8 it was a different story, but since iOS 9.3 we recommend the latest iOS version if you use audio apps.

Right, we’ll probably increase the minimum iOS requirement to iOS 9.3 with the next update or the one after.

Why state “Requires iOS 8.0 or later” if it doesn’t work at all on that version? Now I have no chance to use Music Studio because for certain reasons I am not upgrading my iOS version, not to say there is no way to rollback app version.

Any update on this? Can app be made useable again as previous version? This was a very bad move of you.

Facing this same issue on my iOS device which is updated to 11.2.1 and it still doesnt work but according to this thread it should work with newer and upadated iOS devices. Dont know whats wrong either with the app or with the os version.

The App Store states this automatically because we just left the minimum required iOS version field to iOS 8, as it was before.
We didn’t expect that Music Studio would exhibit this bug on iOS, since there were no changes done to the graphics engine.
If we had known, we would have increased the minimum version accordingly.

We’re very sorry, but updating iOS seems to be the only solution to this issue.

This is a limitation of the App Store, we can’t do anything about it, as much as we would like to offer you a previous version.

Which device model do you have?
This is unexpected, because other users were able to resolve the issue by updating iOS, and we haven’t seen this issue at all on iOS 11.
You could try updating to the most recent iOS 11.4.1, although I doubt that this will help…