App or method to link a Bluetooth Midi Keyboard to Cubase on Windows

I’ve just moved up from Elements 10.5 to Artist 11. What a great upgrade!
Does anyone know of an app or method to link a Bluetooth midi keyboard into Cubase on a Windows laptop or can direct me to a similar post. My device is synced with my windows laptop and says Bluetooth midi in and out in the control panel. I’m not sure how or if it is possible on Windows, to set it up so it can be seen in devices in Cubase . The recent Cubase quick tip video is for OSX.
If not I can connect the keyboard via USB but Bluetooth would be convenient if possible.

There should be a driver that came with your BT MIDI kbrd.
You should then see a midi port you can select in your Cubase setup options.
For ex:

If you don’t find such a driver for your kbrd, you should/could be able to make it work using midiberry:

Please let us know how it worked out for your setup.

Ok thanks for the info.