Appearance Color Issue

Still discovering the new features but almost everything is working fine on my system.

I always use custom colors for appearance and almost everything is now set as I need. However I get an issue with one Appearance Color setting.

Preferences/ Appearance/ Colors/ Editors/ Workspace color and Loop Cycle color settings do not work properly.

“Use Color Project” case is checked but Workspace and Loop Cycle colors are inverted inside Editors. Workspace should be almost white and Cycle Loop should be light clear blue but it’s the opposite which is displayed in every Editor.

I have unchecked “Use Color Project” case to manually customize those settings but nothing changes: it stays blocked on Project inverted colors.

I have trashed Preferences but when it comes to this setting, same issue occurs again;

This never happened before, looks like a bug to me.

There is definetely something wrong. I tried to setup my colors and ended up with transparent faders on the mixing console. Weired