Appearance of braces

In orchestral scores I prefer to use braces for sub-groups as I think it’s visually more clear than the straight brackets. However, I don’t really like the big-fat braces Dorico gives me when I have more than two staffs grouped together, it’s just a bit too heavy… (yes, I know you can see that in old scores, but still…). I wonder if it’s possible - or will be in the future - to have taller braces that isn’t scaled (as much) horizontally, e.g. a tall brace matching the brace of the 2nd violins in slimness (as in the attached example)?

It’s not possible, no. You can make some adjustments on the Brackets and Braces page of Engraving Options to determine when Dorico switches between the four different designs of braces designed for the different scale factors, and you might find some adjustments there give you a result you prefer.

Yes, I already tried that, but I thought the braces were still a little too big.

I ended up making a slimmer version of the “Larger Brace” in Fontlab. I think this gives a more simple/uniform look when you have different sizes of braces in the same score (but that’s maybe just my personal taste).