Appearance of the fretboard in Dorico Pro 4

Is it possible to change the appearance of the guitar fretboard in Dorico Pro 4?
Default is to have what I think of as light strings over a dark, realistic looking fretboard background.
I wonder if having a plain solid color background or even having dark strings over a light color background might be more natural for some people.

Thank you very much.

I quite like the look of the fretboard as it is, but do you mean something like the Neck Diagrams 2 approach as an option?

I would really like an option to switch to left handed orientation as in the diagram.

Thank you ChrisW.

Yes, I do like the cleaner look that you have in this example. Totally a personal preference for me but I find the realistic looking fretboard background a bit busy and distracting. I felt the same way about all of those dozens of textured paper and background options that were available in Sibelius. For me I think that it comes down to trying to make the clearest, most efficient use of limited screen space.

I hadn’t thought of being able to switch to left. hand orientation but that’s.a great idea. I could even see it being nice to be able to reverse the string order so that the lowest pitched string is at the top of the diagram as well.

Thanks for the feedback. We don’t have any immediate plans to provide options to change the appearance of the Fretboard panel, but we’ll certainly consider it.