Append trakcs and settings etc.

Hi all,

Does anybody know if it is possible in Cubase to append tracks and settings etc. to another session?

Here is the problem: I have several project sessions for different songs for a musical. In those sessions I mostly used VSTi and/or miditracks.
Today we are recording livedrums for these songs. We stared with the first song and in that session I made the audio drumtracks and their vst-connections.

Is there a way to append these audiotracks with all their settings to another song where I want to record the live-drums? I know how to export and import a track archive, but it does not seem te export the vst-connections.
I have to manually connect each track to the in- and outputbus. I made a template for inputs and outputs in the song where I recorded the livedrums and selected these templates in the new song, before I imported the track-archive. That way I hoped the VST-connections of the imported tracks would have been the same as the ones in the original session. But that did’nt work.

thanks for your help…


A track preset should save all inserts, eq, vsti, etc. and all the settings for these. It won’t save the automation or the track data itself though.

Hi JL,

Thanks for your reply! But what is most important for me now is the track input and output buses. These settings seem not to be included in the track in- and export…
Maybe there is another way of transferring tracks and all their settings from one project to another?

Nobody? Guess it is not possible with Cubase?

It would be very nice to copy tracks between projects, and be able to choose what to copy or not.