Apple 'abandons' QuickTime on Windows

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I think Nuendo doesn’t have a video section because it’s sort of already clear it’s a post-application, and video is used by I’m guessing most Nuendo owners. So, anyway, that’d be my guess.

This is the thread I posted in. Keep an eye on it I suppose.


Ok ta, I has a quick look.

I actually seem to remember considering purchasing Nuendo last year when my latest dongle broke on me. If I am not mistaken, Nuendo does not require a dongle and so it would have allowed me to continue my work.

Your thread suggests that Nuendo has a video facility which can run on a custom installation of QuickTime? It might be worth considering purchasing this DAW for the sake of completing my work before the madness begins again with the new academic year in September!



Nuendo still requires a dongle. You get like 400 hrs or so of trial time which I think excludes the “NEK” which are the music features of Cubase. I’d say it’s on the edge for you if you’re predominantly music. Nuendo is consistently way behind in terms of getting the music features of Cubase.

I think Cubase and Nuendo use the same video engine. I actually had some problems at least once when I installed it. Basically Apple made it a convoluted thing to get it all installed. I ended up installing iTunes for windows and I never use the darn thing. But anyway, as someone else mentioned, I think there’s a way to install the required components without the QT player.

I did a quick search and found this page where Avid support gives a temporary solution at the end. It could possibly also work for us. I haven’t tried it though.

Ta Mattias,

I was not aware of the vast difference between Nuendo and Cubase regular!

I tried the Custom Install steps as given in the Avid link you included but it still does not work (for me at least).

I do have Sibelius but to be honest I don’t actually have a clue if it has a VIDEO facility or not as I have never used it. Only the one in Cubase. But I see that Protools customers are in the same boat as we are. I tried Protools a couple of times and totally hated it!



So the only other thing I can think of is if you can maybe do a complete install and then just get rid of files manually in the QT folder on your sys drive. Perhaps there’s a way of getting rid of just the offending files in that folder while leaving the rest and video will still work.


Ok, maybe that could work but I think I will leave it to someone else to test out now. I have had three attempts at it so far.

In any event, I am going to phone Steinberg on Monday or Tuesday to see if they are any closer with it all.


Sounds reasonable. I’ll make a mental note to contact you if I hear anything about it…


I spoke to Steinberg yesterday but they said that the situation lies entirely with their Development Team, and so they have no knowledge whatsoever as to if and when the video issue might be rectified.

Anyway, I thought I would let you know regardless.



Ok, that sounds like there won’t be any changes anytime soon.

What exactly does this mean/imply? Steinberg has no knowledge whatsoever about what Steinberg is doing (re: their Development Team)? That makes no sense to me.


It means exactly what it says!: the Development Team is a totally separate department from the general Support Team, and it is the former who is handling the matter exclusively.



Circa: 5 x months down the line we still have ZERO notification of such a rectification/replacement!?



Seriously, what are you worried about?
The Cubendo video engine uses the QuickTime libraries to be able to deal with video.
The security leak is within the QT player application. It is not used in the video engine in Cubendo. Just do not click on QT links on webpages of a dubious nature (you shouldn’t really be on dubious pages on your system anyway)and you will be fine. There are ways to remove just the player, or “black listing” (not correct choice of words, can’t find the right ones at the moment) so your browsers and OS will not use QuickTime to open any type of video files (this won’t affect Cubendo).

So even if you DID download a infected video file, and as far as I know no one has reported any yet just that there are security issues, the virus maker would have to write specifically malicious code to target Cubendo and unless additional security issues are found in the QuickTime libs themselves they couldn’t even do it technically at all.

So I strongly suggest a chill pill and not panic.

It IS a bad thing with a application that have known security issues that won’t be fixed. But in this area it just isn’t as bad as it would seem reading the inter web articles.

I can assure you that it didn’t just take apple a few months to get QuickTime tonth level of sophistication it has today, Steinberg a VASTLY smaller company have to design and develop its replacement.

Just my 20p

Hi Eric,

Well apparently it was all over the news worldwide and everyone I know has abandoned using it now. I did not want to take any risk and so I installed it etc. Although I do see your point and people have said just don’t OPEN it or CLICK on LINKS whilst online.

I am surprised that not very many people seem cheesed off about it on here. Maybe it does not effect them or else they may use a workaround like you have suggested?



Hi all,

official status update about the new video engine development:

Kind regards,

Thanks a lot Fabio,

Yes, I was kindly forwarded a LINK to the NEWS thread by a forum member earlier on today!



Hi Fabio,

I believe the new VIDEO ENGINE is going to be ready in March now and not February?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Paul,

as the schedule is to complete the test phase end of February, yes, March is surely more likely.


Hi Fabio,

Thanks for keeping me posted. I do appreciate that!



Fabio, does this mean that that will also be the release date for the 8.5.xx update or will there also be one sooner?