Hello. I’ve been using logic Pro and now i´m moving all my projects to Cubase. Is there a way to convert Apple loops (.caf) to a format that i could use in Cubase?. I mean exactly like a Cubase loop that i could place in MediaBay, choose and fit to tempo.
Thank you very much


Try CAF to WAV converter.

Thank you very much!.

CAF Converter for Logic Pro is nice but the unfortunate thing is we lose all the metadata with the CAF file like BPM, search names, etc. Plus it then makes it 3x the size of the original which means now you have four times the size of space taken up on your hard drive because I still need all my CAF files for Logic. In my case it is over 100GB after the conversion of all the CAF files and I have to constantly run every time I get new CAF files for Cubase/Nuendo to search and use them.

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Any plans Steinberg to support .caf files?