Apple M1 Big Sur

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when will Nuendo 11 run on the new Apple M1 chipset (Operating System Big Sur)?

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And big Sur. Some kind of insight would be helpful. Around the corner is the updated imac and the ”more pro” macbook pro. I guess i’m not the only one that is going to upgrade. I see a spectrum of possibilities.

  • Next update will be compiled for arm/m1
  • N11 will never be fully arm/m1 but made sure it’s fully working on big sur/m1 through rosetta. N11.5/12 will be the first arm/m1 version.


-There will be a public beta thats compiled for arm/m1 before the offial release.

I’m sure there is a plan. Hopefully Steinberg can let us in on the secret.

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I also really hope that Steinberg will support Apple M1

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All new macs will be M1 (or variant) eventually, all steinberg software will have to support it and eventually be native to it if they want to sell to those new users. It’s all just a matter of time. Patience

I have had a MacBook Air since December and would like to use the new software for on the go, but unfortunately I am very impatient.

In the meantime, for DAW testing, I use Reaper beta for Apple Silicon.

i can confirm that nuendo update 11.0.10 work on my M1 Mac Mini. Thank you so much Steinberg Team.


Yes, finally! I am very pleased!

i saw some youtube vids that shows that cubase 11 dosnt work on macs with M1 but cubase 10.5 does.
probably for N11 its the same, now with 11.01 it does work properly ?
i always had windows PC and i’m onto new laptop and desktop , but this new silicon macs seems like game changer and new era in computer specs, especially for laptops cuz its more powerful and with less heat and less noise if in few month macbook pro 16 with even more powerful than M1 chip and more memory comes out maybe it’s a good replacement for a desktop too.?!
and eventually steinberg has to come out with products that runs natively with the new macs

M1 are not that powerfull, bought one for some video work and I installed Nuendo, I don’t see a clear difference with my old 2012 laptop. M1 don’t have powerfull graphic card, and single core operation are not fast enough

As Nuendo has yet to be ported over natively to the M1 that’s not a valid statement. I’ve edited a couple of layers of 4K video with no dropped frames. Couldn’t have dreamed of doing any 4K on my previous Mac mini. (It’s also codecs optimized for the platform as well…but im sure you know that) Optimized Logic Pro positively crushes my last Mac . So I’m using Nuendo on my M1 and it runs at least. As fast as my 2018 Mac mini…in an emulation layer.
To me, thats impressive


The same here, it’s running really good under Rosetta 2